Discover Why Metal Roofs Are Perfect For A Home!

Metal has been used for a long time to roof buildings, primary farm barns. Thanks to the latestHouston_Roof innovations, metal is replacing some traditional materials such as shingles, wood, clay, shakes and tiles for roofing homes because of the many benefits and advantages it has to offer.


The long-familiar metal roof can provide many benefits to every home when compared to other materials that tend to deteriorate more rapidly with age. Following are few of the unique benefits offered by metal.

  • Energy Efficient – This system allows a house to stay cooler in summer by reflecting ultraviolet rays and stay warmer in the winter, both of which translate into decreased utility costs.
  • Lightweight – This product can be installed over existing materials without increasing structural support as it is typically much lighter than other similar components.
  • Wind Resistant – Metal has been tested by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and can defy high winds, including hurricane-generated winds.
  • Stylish – This element has appealing designs that can match the style of any houses in the region.
  • Performance – Extended performance is provided as it can last for as long as a century.
  • Fire Resistant – The entire material is non-combustible with a UL Class-A rating.
  • Noise Resistant – With the latest breakthroughs in the development of sound proof buildings, this roofing system has included blanket insulation to loud sounds during high speed winds or heavy rain.
  • Impact Resistant – This product has gained the highest impact resistance rating by insurance companies in hail-prone regions across the United States.
  • Easy to Install – The product comes in panels and allows contractors to rapidly install the material.
  • Warranty – There is an above-average warranty length of thirty to fifty years with this product.
  • Rust Proof – It can be coated with various colors, either high-performance metallic or polymer to make it rust and corrosion resistant.

Money Saving Option

The initial price of metal roofing is considerably higher than asphalt shingles; however, that can be recouped over time. It is expensive because it does not easily deteriorate once installed and requires an expert roofer to apply. In addition, metal products carry warranties of up to fifty years which is much higher in comparison to asphalt shingles that must be replaced after fifteen to twenty years. Another money saving aspect is in maintenance costs, as metal products require less maintenance than others.

When adding all of this up, metal roofing can save money in insurance premiums, energy costs and maintenance expenses. It provides long term value and saves both time and trouble.

With all the current options, metal is often chosen due to its many benefits and advantages. When installed, it provides an extended warranty, lasting value and a beautiful-looking exterior appearance. Be sure to discover why metal roofs are a great roofing system choice!

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