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Roofing’s Most Asked Questions

Over the last 18 years we have received a ton of questions regarding hail, energy efficiency, and general maintenance/repair avoidance.  Most central Texas exposure to roofing is limited to a few times a year, usually during storm events.  However, when damage does occur, many of our College Station roofing customers often have the same questions.  As a result we have compiled the most common questions asked before, during, and after a hail storm event.

Q. Other than leaks, is there any sort of damage that I should look for?

A. Look for missing or lose granules if you have an asphalt shingle home.  Look for granules in low lying areas like the ground or roof valleys.  Exposure to the sun and changing temperatures will cause expansion and contraction in varying cycles.   Metal materials like ventilation caps, flashing, turbines, etc. will tend to show pings or “pockmarks”.

Q. Can I just pocket the money for my insurance claim?

A.  This depends on your insurance company and your policy.  Typically speaking insurance companies will have two types of plans; actual cash value vs. replacement cost value.  If you were to take out a claim with an actual cash value and pocket the money, you will lose on depreciating monetary values and you could run afoul of several issues if you try to sell your home.  Always speak with your insurance agent prior to making this decision.

Q. With temperatures as high as they get in Texas, especially during late summer, how do you stay cool?

A.  We have lots of training that covers these issues.  Some of that training covers proper hydration and rest times for the work crews.  We also wear appropriate clothing for the job.  It may seem contra productive at first, but we do wear jeans and sleeves.  This actually reflects more of the sunlight away from our bodies, keeping us cooler.  That is not to say it is not a hot job.  With College Station roofing, anything over 100 in the summer is HOT.

Q. What is the scope of the roofer’s job?

A.  This is completely dependent on the contract that you sign.  Typically speaking your contract will outline, line for line, what work will be done and by whom.  Some roofing companies actually offer different specialties and services.  For example, we carry fabrication and 24 hours service to help complement our normal roofing services.

Q. We believe we have a warranty issue. What should we do?

A. In the event that you have an issue that requires warranty work, make sure you gather all of your roofing documents, including your warranty documents, original quote, and contract, if available.  Contact your roofer and go over the issue together with them.  Most manufacturer warranties cover only materials and only if they were installed correctly. 

Q. How do I know I am getting a quality roofer?

A. There are several things that will provide you due diligence; ask for references, check the BBB, ask your neighbors, check community message boards, ask for a sample of their portfolio, visit their location, and verify their insurance.

Schulte Roofing provides free roofing education to everyone.  If you are interested in learning more about College Station roofing and getting a basic education under your foot, contact Schulte Roofing.