Be Sure A Roof’s Vulnerable Areas Are Protected!

3Flashing is a protective covering for joints, openings, barrier edges and anywhere there is a break on a flat or continuous roofing surface; it is an integral part of keeping a roof free from leaks and in good condition. When correctly installed, flashing should be watertight and protect vent pipe, chimney and skylight protrusions from water penetration. Leaking seams can create big problems, so it is important to hire a College Station roofing contractor to take care of these important roofing areas.


Flashing is generally made from copper, steel, or aluminum. Copper is the easiest to mold into the various shapes for a good fit and is the most durable against corrosion; however, it is also the most expensive. Both steel and aluminum are much less expensive and are typically used on most homes today. Both are nearly as durable as copper, although they both will eventually succumb to corrosion while copper will not. All of these materials are suitable for just about any roofing surface other than aluminum flashing, which is not suitable for use on slate.


How flashing is installed by a College Station roofing company is critical to its performance. Since it is protecting the surface below from water penetration, it should be applied with typically the upper edges under and some of them over the layers of shingles without disrupting the downhill flow of draining water. Flashing cannot be simply caulked into place and must be secured with roofing nails as well as being adhered with sealants, adhesives, and/or caulking. If the sealing is not properly done, leaks will form and cause potential damage to the shingles and decking as well as the inside of a house.


It is imperative to keep all flashing in excellent condition, since it is protecting areas that are usually the exact places where leaks start. Damaged segments can generally be repaired; however, this should only be done by a professional as this component is independent from the actual roof itself. When any kind of roofing work is done, flashing within the same area should be completely removed, the area cleaned, and replaced with new material to make it watertight. Re-using flashing material is not worth the effort, considering the problems involved with re-installation or repairing any water damage. The material is not expensive enough to warrant trying to salvage it to use again.

To be sure that all flashing is properly performing, it should be inspected at least on a yearly basis and material other than copper should be replaced every few years. Letting it go longer than the recommended service life is simply inviting leaks that could cost as much more money in the long run. College Station roofing contractors will inspect all of flashing as part of a yearly check-up, which is the best way to ensure the inside of a home stays secure. So be sure to protect the vulnerable areas of a roof and it will protect everything and everyone that is under it!

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