Ensure the integrity of your roof system: Schedule an inspection with a quality College Station Roofing Company

Proper Maintenance

The roof system is the vital component that protects your house by keeping your house together and keeping your house cool or warm during the winter or summer. Maintaining your roof system prevents or reduces the possibility of roof damage that lurks with time, weather, and use. To be safe and the most prepared, have your College Station Roofing Company create a roof maintenance plan for your roof. A professional roof maintenance plan, such as Overhead Care Club program, will give you peace of mind of the integrity of your roof system but until a professional inspection can be done, there are a few ways of glancing at your roof for any obvious potential problems.

Visual Inspection

Always prepare yourself before the spring rains and winter rains in Texas. It is always wise to glance at your roof. The best times to have a scheduled maintenance are between late winter or early spring time and during the fall (2nd half of our Southern Texas Summer). The problem areas of any roof system are at the joints between the roof and your house. A Quick visual self-inspection should be done often throughout the year. A professional inspection is suggested between 1 to 4 times a year depending on the age of the roof and the materials used for the roof. Flashlight, small step ladder, binoculars or camera with zoom feature will be useful tools that will aid you in your quick glance of your roof.

The inside and the outside of your house are the two areas that you will be using these devices for a quick roof inspection. Any place where your roof connects to your house is a vital area that should be checked on a regular basis besides the shingles, drip edge, flashing, and any fixture that penetrates your roof such as your chimney or air vents. Catching potential problems before turning into a disaster can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Inside your house, there are some tell-tale signs that a professional inspection is long due or is in need. It is a good idea to look for any coffee like brown or light copper discoloration on all your walls, ceiling, and flooring. This discoloration is an obvious sign of water damage, which means there is some type of leak in your house.

Identify Leaks

There are many types of leaks besides roof leaks such as water pipe problems, AC problems, and draining problems that could cause leaks in your house. Slow leaks have the possibility of by-passing your ceiling and flowing straight into your walls or onto your floor, which is why it is important to check your walls and floors as well as your ceiling. Inside your attic is another area that should have special attention. Obvious indications like discoloration or warped, bent, or cracked rafters, truss, and decking are problems that could cost a lot without corrective measures. Quality action is imperative to ensure the safety of your house and family.

On the outside of your house, a visual inspection of your shingles, flashing, drip edge, skylights, vents, gutters, chimneys and any other potential problem areas is always the best idea than climbing on your roof to self-inspect. Visually ensuring that these components are working properly is important to your roof. Check to make that they are not missing, bent, damaged or compromised. Debris on your roof and clogged gutters are potential major problems that contribute the compromise of your roof system. Any type of debris on your roof can cause serious problems. Letting the pine needles and other natural debris reside on your roof or in your gutters can contribute to water damage and leaks.

Keeping your gutters clean can be an easy task but an excellent College Station Roofing Company usually offers cleaning services as part of their maintenance program.

Contacting a professional College Station Roofing Company is in your best interest when suspecting a roof problem.

An expert College Station Roofing Company should be the only boots on the top of your roof.