Detecting Signs of a Bad Contractor!

Roof Repair Job
When hiring roofing contractors, having some anxiety is very normal. Worries can arise when listening to the local news about problems that occur with fraudulent businesses. There are many upsetting stories about consumers who have lost thousands of dollars because a scam artist took money without ever finishing the intended project.

No one wants to have that same kind of experience, especially when it comes to the roofing system of a residence. The truth is that not all roofing contractors are the same. Some are very honest and complete the job accurately and according to schedule; unfortunately, some are potential scammers who give deceitful information to capture their prey. Because of this, it is important to recognize red flags and warnings signs that indicated a possible deceitful contractor from a reliable one so as to avoid falling victim to their tactics.

  • Door-to-door False Offers – These types of offers are ones that appear to be true. They promise a good outcome, provide a fairly affordable estimate, offer excellent warranties, and put together an overall appealing offer. Reputable roofers offer all of these same benefits. The big difference is that longstanding, reputable contractors do not knock on doors to advertise their services. This should be a huge red flag to be wise and always be vigilant.
  • Untraceable Contact Information – It is imperative to ask for a permanent business address. All phone numbers should be noted, with at least two or three contact numbers being provided. The address and telephone numbers should be verified by driving past the address and calling the numbers. If any of these are incorrect, then do not consider that offer.
  • Overly Low Estimates – Price quotations are often a good warning sign. Shady roofers offer very low estimates which are quite attractive. To avoid this kind of deception, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) suggests calling three different companies and comparing their estimates.
  • Inadequate Roofing Credentials – Disqualify a company if it lacks credentials. Asking for credentials is not a complete assurance, but it is important to assess any previous job performance. Check the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and BBB for necessary verifications.
  • Reluctance to Show License – Every reputable roofing contractor has a license and certificate of operation as well as a proper permit to perform the job they are seeking. Any reluctance to provide this information is a clear warning sign that they are not the right company to hire.
  • Unsigned Work Contract – Companies that are unreliable are not eager to sign a written agreement. It must be remembered that a formal written agreement is what legally binds a contractor to complete the job as specified; it is a very necessary document.
  • Down Payment – The method of payment should always be initially discussed with the contractor. The BBB advises consumers to only make a 25 percent deposit on the total cost, with payment of the remainder due once the job has been successfully and satisfactorily completed.

Becoming a victim of these fraudulent offers from bad contractors is easy to avoid by being observant of the kinds of red flags and warning signs listed above. Remember, legitimate and reputable roofing contractors never conduct business by using any of the above tactics. So be a good detective and watch out for bad roofing contractors!

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