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Roofing Repair Imposters

Last year, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) was surprised at the increased number of callers asking about specific roofing contractors. These calls were complaints about professional scam artists who were going door-to-door, offering gutter cleaning and roofing repair services, demanding a deposit up front and then never returning to do the job. These specific incidents occurred in upstate New York; however, they occur in every state and nearly every sizeable city as well.

When roofing repair is needed, common sense dictates that repairs should be done immediately before the damage worsens. Hiring legitimate roofers requires a careful selection process to avoid hiring an imposter like the ones described above. Listed below are some areas on which to concentrate when considering hiring a roofing contractor.

  • License – To avoid imposters, a prospective contractor should be able to provide a copy of their current business license. Genuine roofers will have the proper permits and licenses readily available. These documents provide evidence that the contractor has legally complied with local and state requirements and has the latest training by the State Licensing Board.
  • Years of Experience – A good guideline is length of time in the roofing industry. Although there are undoubtedly very good first and second year roofers, longevity in the business is a solid indication of satisfied customers. An upstanding reputation is built on many years of experience.
  • Physical Address – A local or regional business address is essential; it should be verified for accuracy to avoid fly-by-night roofers with no permanent address.
  • Insurance – All contractors should carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance. This ensures that if any damage or accident should occur, the customer is protected from bearing any liability burden as a result as the roofing company should handle that responsibility.
  • References – References for a roofing contractor should be obtained, verified, and checked. The BBB recommends always requesting a list of references before signing a contract. Previous customers can attest to their satisfaction with the services provided.
  • Credentials – Most roofers are accredited by various organizations. Two groups to check with are the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).
  • Written Contract – A written agreement that includes the total cost and payment schedule, projected duration of the job from start to finish, materials needed, warranty information, and cancellation policy should always be provided – no exceptions here.
  • Roofing – A reputable roofing company will always examine the roof and assess its condition to determine the extent of any damage before providing an estimate. The BBB suggests getting two or three price quotes for comparison. The final decision should not be based on the lowest bid but on all of the information provided.

Choosing an honest roofing contractor can be handled if appropriate research and information-gather is accomplished. If a roofer knocks on the door soliciting work, close the door and walk away – don’t let the imposters in!

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