Energy Efficiency

Keeping Cool with Reflective Roof Coating!

A different approach has been taken to reduce energy consumption by 10 to 60 percent. This meaningful action, intended to deal with saving energy in hot climates, can be achieved through the use of reflective roof coatings. These reflective roof coverings are thanks to the efforts of various roofing engineers and have made a tremendous impact on the environment and the economy. They can be very useful for Woodlands homes and businesses.

Research on Reflective Roof Coatings

In 1994, research was conducted to determine the cooling effect of reflective coating. Researchers from Florida and California discovered from the experiment that energy consumption of air-conditioning units from the monitored homes decreased from 10 to 60 percent. This showed that reflective coatings can certainly alleviate the increased temperatures of the summer heat and would be useful for the needs presented by Woodlands roofing contractors.

Experiments on Reflective Roof Coatings

Another experiment was conducted in Mississippi on a single story commercial office building where the roof was painted with reflective white elastomeric coating. The research was conducted during summertime and the result was a 22 percent decrease of the consumption of electricity by air conditioning units. Many experiments have been done to attest to the cooling effect of reflective roof coatings and all the results suggested and demonstrated similar outcomes.

Benefits of Using Reflective Roof Coatings

The benefits of utilizing reflective roof coating includes decreased energy consumption, decreased room temperature and decreased carbon dioxide emissions. The Roof Coating Manufacturers Association (RCMA) has implemented a program to increase the interest of the public in using reflective roofing. According to Anthony Ruffine, Director of GAF, the increased use of white coatings is efficient for energy savings. He added that white roof coatings reduce cooling costs for those who are using air conditioning units, especially for roofing Houston requirements. This latest breakthrough and the establishment of reflective coatings gained popularity approximately 15 years ago. With the cooperation of consumers, increased technical knowledge, effective formulation, and global research, people around the world including those with requirements can experience the power of reflective roof coating and reduce electric costs of air conditioning. An environment can be achieved that is cool, comfortable and extremely innovative for human use.