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New Roofing Technology for World-Class Sports Stadiums!

Sports arenas were architecturally established thousands of years ago. The first stadium was built in Greece where the Olympic Games were conducted. Sports stadiums were built to host international competition and to reflect the country’s strength, glory and prestige. The Astrodome in Houston, Texas in its day was a marvelous reflection of Houston commercial roofing.

Today, sports arenas and other athletic facilities are built with the same design but with the latest materials and technology.


Physical Structures

When looking into the physical structure of a sports arena, one thing that quickly captures the attention of anyone is the roofing system that covers the stadium. Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas has the latest and most advanced roofing materials and is known as “the world’s longest retractable roof.” They utilized titanium dioxide-coated photocatalytic fabric membrane instead of steel. This innovative roofing material delivers some distinctive and unique features such as reducing cleaning maintenance; providing shade and comfort; and neutralization of airborne pollutants.

To ensure maximum energy efficiency, the titanium dioxide was combined with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which helps in reducing the temperature of the roof and heat absorption.

The University of Phoenix Stadium has a different concept. Their sports arena is built with retractable roofing as well but can withstand the toughest weather conditions existing in Arizona.

The first quarter of this year, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation introduced their latest breakthrough. It is the Ultra-Stiff Lexan Thermoclear that is exclusively designed for stadium roofing. This roofing material is expected to defy strong winds and heavy snow – a totally magnificent discovery. When it comes to environmental sustainability, Lexan Thermoclear is the ideal choice for energy efficiency.

Breakthrough Technologies

Today, modern sports arenas are the result of breakthrough technologies, with incomparable workmanship in designing and creating structures and ultimately pushing the boundaries of architectural knowledge.

The (Bird’s Nest) Stadium and National Swimming Center (Water Cube) in Beijing; Ski Dubai in the United Arab Emirates; Palazzo a Vela in Italy; Cardinal Stadium in Arizona; New Wembley Stadium in London and the Al Khalifa Sports Complex in Qatar are some of the architectural wonders that shake the world. They have the latest roofing technology to defy the forces of nature and were developed as impressive architectural structures.

Sports arenas are definitely the structures to associate with buildings that have roofing featuring the latest technology, design and material. Launching the latest technology in Houston commercial roofing on the roofs of world-class sports stadiums is a magnificent idea for capturing the attention of the world!