Equipping Your Roof for Spring Weather!

Roofer_HoustonChanging seasons have an unlikely effect on a roofing system. From winter blizzards to spring rains and summer heat, a roof is ready for some tender loving care from a roofing contractor. Now that winter is long gone and spring has arrived, it is time to prepare for roof maintenance by first inspecting the entire upper structure. The key to a long service life is through this simple action.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspections are conducted to determine the status of the roof and detect any problems at an early stage before becoming major ones. Leaking water during the winter can soak supporting structures such as insulation, sidewalls, wooden beams, and rafters and lead result in expensive repairs. The best time of the year to do a check-up is in the fall and spring, right before winter starts and just after it ends.

Conducting an inspection in the spring is done to assess any damage that may have been caused by during the winter. Check shingle condition especially those that are broken or distorted; then check the gutters and downspouts to ensure water is being properly channeled into the drainage system. Debris, twigs, leaves, branches and other material should be removed to avoid clogging the system as overflowing rainwater could lead to damage in the underlying structures.

Minor Repairs

Once the assessment is complete, the extent of of damage must be identified to determine if minor or major repairs are required. If minor, it may be possible to fix with a DIY method; however, if damage is extensive, a professional contractor should be contacted to properly address any issues.

Be sure to fix any loose flashing, gutters, etc. and reseal the point of any water penetration so the system is water-repellant and strong enough to withstand any upcoming spring storms. In addition, prune any overhanging tree branches so that strong winds do not wreak havoc on a roof. Once this preparation work is done, there should be little need to worry about the effects of spring storms.

Seek Help

If one does not possess the necessary skills to detect problems or the right equipment to fix any minor damage, then a reputable contractor should be contacted immediately rather than risking any further damage to the system. With so many contractors available, it is important to be very careful in the selection process and be sure to hire a contractor who is qualified and meets all the requirements to fix a roof properly for a longer service life.

Ice build-up and damming during the winter can compromise the integrity of a roofing system. So it is essential to inspect the entire system to ensure that it is well-prepared for the upcoming season. Although such work could be done on a DIY basis, it is highly recommended to contact a roofing professional who can better handle the task and provide a sense of security. When winter is over, be sure the roof is ready for the coming of the rainy spring season!

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