Storm Damage

Weather is Unpredictable – So Repair That Roof!

College_Station_Roofing_ContractorRoofing repairs are primarily a proactive measure. There is much to be gained by reinforcing a roof that has not received any damage. By consulting with professionals, it is possible to determine what improvements can be made to ensure that it is able to withstand a variety of weather conditions and other natural occurrences as well as which of these events are more likely to occur in that region.


Weather Threats

Adverse weather conditions pose the greatest threat to homes and other domestic structures. The recent onslaught of hurricanes has made everyone painfully aware of the importance of reinforcing residences against strong winds. Although weather forecasts can predict the frequency and likelihood of severe storms, there is always a margin of error that can translate into serious property damage from hurricanes. In 2011, Hurricane Irene narrowly missed Florida after taking a sudden turn to the east, sparing the residents of the mainland but ravaging the homes of many people all over the Bahamas.

  • Wind – Gale force winds have the power to rip shingles and and other coverings from a roof, exposing the interior of the structure. Without the full protection of a reinforced roof, a building becomes increasingly susceptible to moisture damage from incoming rain, snow, hail and natural humidity.
  • Hail – A natural predator of roofs is hail and one of the most common problems against which roofing experts help protect structures. Hail storms in certain areas of the United States have been known to puncture weaker building materials and are one of the most common reasons for insurance claims in many states. In addition to having a home ravaged by storms is having to face the additional hardship of expensive renovations that could have been avoided by taking proper precautions.

Regular Maintenance

Even minor damage can cause serious problems if left unattended for any period of time. Scratches can deepen and widen to become holes; rust can spread rapidly across iron nails; and a buildup of moisture will eventually cause wood to rot. Porous material such as brick will eventually crumble, creating pockets where moisture can gather or allow rainwater to come through the material. These phenomena occur naturally in aging buildings and can be invisible to inhabitants for years. When the problems finally become apparent, it may be too late for repairs which is why it is important to perform regular maintenance.

Severe weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes can cause serious damage to unprotected property. A house with a damaged roof can quickly attract more problems such as leaks, wood rot and other issues pertaining to moisture buildup in the structure. Roofing specialists recommend a proactive approach be taken and roofs reinforced, even if not in urgent need of repair. These protective measures have been proven to reduce damage in the case of storms and make recovery after such events much easier on all building occupants. So repair that roof and be ready for that unpredictable weather!

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