Hail Damage

Impact-Resistant Roofs

Roof HoustonIn the middle of this spring storm season, reports are received nearly daily that some section of the country was hit by severe storms accompanied with high winds, heavy rain and hail. Winds from these types of storms can reach up to 70 miles per hour and the hail can be as large as softballs. Hail damage and wind damage are just two of the examples of storm damage that can happen to a Houston roof as a result of heavy storms.

The roof damage may include: the loss of granules on a composition roof; shingle loss from high winds; broken/damaged shingles, or vent damage and if left unattended, will lead to water leaking through a Houston roof and cause major damage to ceilings, walls and other internal structures.

Advances in Roofing

The advances within the roofing industry have greatly impacted the lives of people living in the areas that face these sometimes frequent storms. Durable roofs must be constructed to protect them from damage due to hail, strong wind and blown-down trees or tree limbs. Strong winds have the power to tear off or break Houston roof shingles and cause damage that can be unnoticeable to an untrained eye.

Hail Damage

Hail damage on the other hand is largely undetectable when viewed from the ground; a closer inspection may show that hail has caused splitting and damage to shingles. If you notice this type of damage to your Houston roof due after a storm, you should immediately notify your homeowner’s insurance agent to file a claim for storm damage. An impact-resistant Houston roof can prevent such damage from occurring in the future from these spring storms.

Storm Damage Prevention

Impact-resistant roofs can withstand storm damage and extreme abusive forces. It can resist strong winds up to 110 M.P.H. Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. (UL) made sure that this type of roof has the highest resistance rating so that even the largest hail will not cause destruction to a Houston roof. Impact resistance is measured on a scale from 1(least resistant) to 4 (most resistant).

Millions of dollars is spent annually by insurance companies due to storm damage. These companies encourage Houston roof owners to purchase roofing material that is certified to be impact-resistant.