The Best in Replacement Roofs: Finding the Best Materials

There are quite a number of choices that are available at this time for types of replacement roofs as well as different choices of materials. Because the temperate and the climate are major factors, replacement roofing materials such as those obtained from any Roof Company Houston vary from one locale to another. For temperate climates, clay tiles are popular for replacement roofs while for the more intemperate climates, metal or slate is very favored.

Educating customers about replacement roofs can only assist in making a decision about the best materials for a home roofing renovation as well as elevating the quality of material productions and market competition. Just like any other type of house or building renovation, roofing types and materials have advantages and disadvantages. Knowing these valuable facts will help any customer select the best replacement roof material.

Roofing Materials Available

For any replacement roof, what is needed is a replacement material that will last a long time and be simple to install. Below is an overview of the different types of roofs and roofing materials and suggestions as to specific localities that would benefit from each type of material. .

1. Shingles – Shingles come in different types and materials, each of which appeals to different tastes and localities:

  • Wood shingles and shakes –Both of these are acquired from redwood, southern pine, cedar and other types of wood. Shakes are manually made with a rougher look while shingles are finished by machines. Cedar is the best type of wood shingles as it is resistant to rot and decay and usually comes in different sizes and class categories; the classes rate down from a #1 class being the best quality. Although wood shingles have a higher susceptibility to fire, they can be treated to be fire-resistant although that adds to their initial cost.
  • Asphalt Roofing Shingles – This is the least expensive, economical material compared to other materials. It is easy to install by most roof company Houston contractors and comes in a wide variety of color choice and durability. The per square installation cost averages about $55 and over 75% of the homes in the United States use asphalt shingles for roofing. One of its negatives is that it is not good for the environment as one of its layers is fiberglass which is non-recyclable.
  • Recycled synthetic shingles –This type of shingle is manufactured from mixed recycled wood in a rubber or plastic material base and is shaped like wood shakes. As compared to wood shakes, it is lightweight, lower in cost; and has a longer lifespan when compared with asphalt shingles.

2. Clay/concrete tiles – Because clay tiles are made from heavy material, it does require additional framing when installed. Clay tiles for replacement roofs are extremely durable, non-combustible and can help reflect the sun’s rays and keep interior cooling costs down. Tiles are designed with flexibility, different shapes, styles, hues or texture; most people will not even notice that it is made from tiles. Concrete tiles are heavy and expensive with an average cost per square installed running from $150 to $400.

3. Slate – Slate as roofing material makes a roof nearly indestructible and it is not uncommon to see a house with slate roofing that is a hundred years old. For installation, slate needs skilled stonemasons and will cost an average of $1,000 a square. Slate is great for places with high heat temperature and could very well last a lifetime.

4. Metal – Metal for replacement roofs are available in aluminum, stainless steel and copper. Galvanized steel roofs are used where hurricanes are common because it is durable and much lighter compared to other roofing materials. For installation, it will cost from $100 to $600 per square and the installation process is usually quick and easy.

Taking time to investigate the above options will help a homeowner determine their own specific needs. Look for a reputable roof company Houston to handle the job. Let a professional help you determine what replacement roof and roofing material will best suit your roofing needs!