Hail Damage

The True Impact of Hail Damage to Your Roof!

One of the most severe yet hard to recognize roofing problems is damage caused by hail stones. In fact,Roof Repair Job many people do not even know that their home has suffered a serious roofing issue. Destruction to asphalt shingles is not easily recognized and it often takes several years for such a problem to be discovered when the structure begins to leak. The key element to finding any problems before the structure begins to leak is a thorough inspection. Any disturbances to the integrity of the roof should be addressed immediately so that the health and safety of family members is not comprised or an insurance claim is denied due to failure to timely report the damage.

Inspect Susceptible Areas

The search for building top problems caused by hail should begin in places that are prone to damage, including soft metal such as vents, flashing, metal valleys or skylights. Visible signs in these areas will not only show the extent of the damage caused by the storm; it will also show the size of the hail that caused it. Check the peak of the ridge cap as this area is susceptible to falling ice stones regardless of the direction of the impact. Most importantly, inspect the shingles, especially around the edges. Look for dents, depressions, missing shingles, blistering, buckling, bruises, circular cracking and granulation, with bruising, circular cracking and granulation being the main signs of damage.

The impact of a stone from a severe hail storm may eventually result in a leak. A coffee-colored stain on the ceiling is the hallmark of serious structural deterioration. If such a strain is noticed, it is essential to find a reputable contractor immediately so that the issue can be addressed before becoming more extensive and result in the necessity for major repairs.

Contact Reputable Contractors

As stated above, if any potential roofing problems are found during an initial inspection, it is imperative to contact a qualified roofer who can conduct a detailed assessment of the structure. Many companies offer free inspection services and it is through these assessments that much hidden damage is discovered. These experts are able to differentiate natural wear and tear from issues caused by hail, providing education regarding the findings and some recommendations on what actions should be taken to fix any problems.

Contacting Insurance Companies

All houses should be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy to spare owners from large out-of-pocket expenses because of the destruction caused by natural disasters, including hail storms. It is important to follow the proper procedure for filing an insurance claim and to provide the insurance carrier with all of the details regarding the results of the contractor’s assessment. The insurance company will then send an adjuster to determine the extent of the damage and provide cost estimates.

It is difficult for most people to detect hail damage; therefore, a detailed inspection of the roof should be performed. Basic knowledge of the signs to look for indicating that the structure has incurred damage is crucial in determining whether repair or replacement is necessary based on those findings. A short hail storm can cause massive destruction to important roofing components; therefore, an insurance company should be contacted right away and a claim filed immediately so that any problems can be taken care of as quickly as possible. Then the true impact of hail damage to a roof can be known!

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