Create a Dramatic Vaulted Ceiling the Right Way!

Aesthetically speaking, vaulted ceilings are built to create a dramatic look in the home and to make theHouston_Roofer rooms appear airy and bright. They not only create more space, they also allow for the easy installation of skylights. The traditional flat top of a room can be transformed into this type of overhead structure; however, since this transformation is more structural in nature, it will probably require the help of an expert roofer. If this job is not done properly, severe structural damage could occur; in the worst case scenario, a collapse could result. Therefore, before dismantling the old ceiling, it is important to consult with a professional to ensure that the job is done correctly.


This type of ceiling will not only capture the attention of its occupants but also that of visitors because of its spectacular look. Making this modification requires careful planning and proper insight, since there are critical components that must be considered. It does not just involve cutting the ceiling joists to create more space, as one simple mistake could eventually result in sagging or even collapse. Since most homeowners lack the appropriate knowledge necessary for this job, consultation with an expert roofing company prior to construction should be done as that company would be cognitive of the necessity to create the proper design and would also have skilled workers who can precisely construct a vaulted ceiling.

Air movement is a common problem with this type of design, as lack of it can promote moisture build-up. Condensation in insulated cavity space can cause wooden structures to rot and also promote the growth of mold, both of which could jeopardize the durability of the ceiling as well as the health and safety of the family. Therefore, the most important thing to consider in the architectural plans is how to accurately manage moisture. There are several types of building techniques that can be used to control moisture and promote energy efficiency.

Triangular Support

The structure that is used in conventional roofing is shaped like a triangle and consists of rafters and joists. Many of these triangular structures will be needed to create a vaulted ceiling. They should be placed at uniform intervals in order to properly support the roof. The strength of the roof depends on this particular form and if one is missing or removed, a collapse could result.

Converting a flat ceiling to this architectural wonder requires that the triangular support be altered by removing the joist; however, this will weaken the supporting structure. To solve this problem, the horizontal beam should be moved upward to maintain the triangular buttress and create the extra space underneath without adversely affecting the roofing support. There are three methods to achieve a raised horizontal reinforcement: collar ties, gusset plates, and metal stays. Another way to achieve a vaulted ceiling is to create a scissors truss.

When a dramatic appearance for a home is desired as well as the appearance of extra space through the installation of a vaulted ceiling, it is imperative to consider all of factors involved. Common problems that occur due to the inadequate construction of this feature include: moisture build-up, mold development, and possible overhead collapse. Expert roofers can ensure that the job is done correctly by installing proper ventilation and insulation to control the movement of air, which causes condensation. Make sure that vaulted ceiling is properly constructed and then enjoy that new overhead feature!

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