Storm Damage

Hurricane Season Approaches – Is Your Roof Ready?

Hurricanes typically arrive with heavy rainfall and extremely strong winds. These furious feats of natureMontgomery_Roof_Repair usually lead to serious building damage as it tears through many structures. One of the most important features of a dwelling is its top surface; when it is designed and well built to promptly move water away, valuables underneath can be protected. If the roof should fail, it would be safe to assume that the contents of that building would suffer costly damage.

For these reasons, it is extremely important to be sure that any structure can withstand one of nature’s top challenges – a hurricane. It would be an astute decision to seek the services of a roofing contractor to be sure that a building’s top coverings is strong and healthy. In addition, learning some helpful tips could spare headaches when hurricane season arrives.


One of the most important yet often overlooked actions is to have a proper roof inspection to specifically consider severe weather conditions. It is not very difficult to look from the ground for missing shingles, failing gutters or bent flashing, all of which could be indications of future problems.

Seeking an inspection from the nearest roofing contractor is highly recommended. By having professionals conduct a thorough examination to look for potential problems, assistance could be provided at an early stage about what should be done to solve any underlying issues.


Once any issue is identified, it would be imperative to get repairs completed as soon as possible. Water damage can spread quickly, so repairs should be a high priority as hurricane season approaches. Work done before storms arrive can save building owners from severe storm damage. Be sure to use the services of an expert roofing company to properly fix any problems.

If the professionals advise that replacement is the only real option, then pay heed to that advice and don’t attempt to patch an issue with a band-aid that could never withstand the onslaught of a hurricane. This would not be the time to cut corners to save money as even more costly and expensive damage could be the net result.


There is no guarantee yet that specific roofing materials can withstand the tortuous onset of a hurricane. There will always exist the possibility of damage from the most severe of these storms that prowl the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Yet that is no excuse to ignore what needs to be done as identified by roofing professionals. Even lowering the risk of hurricane destruction as well as the extent of the damage that results is good. In either case, being prepared to respond to inflicted damage by having necessary supplies such as tarpaulins ready is a very perceptive choice. This is especially helpful in those areas where the next strong rain is unpredictable, so mitigating any storm damage as quickly as possible could prevent further serious damage before final repairs can be done.

Other Preparations

Before the hurricane season even approaches, every area around a building should be checked to see what could be done to avoid damages. First, trim any nearby branches that are either touching or leaning toward the building. If any of them touch wires, contact the public utility company immediately to remove such branches. In addition, inspect gutters and be sure that the downspout opening and the surrounding area is free from debris. If there are roof turbines, be sure to remove them and seal the opening.

So what is the best way to prepare for hurricane season? Be prepared, make sure the roof is strong and healthy, and let roofing contractors help ensure that everything possible has been done before the next hurricane season arrives!

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