Minimize Hail Damage

Bryan roofing contractor talks hail size.

According to research done by Liberty Mutual, hail causes millions of dollars of property damage every year.  Hail is especially widely known because it affects almost every part of the United States and can coincide with almost any severe thunderstorm.  If you have KBTX then you would have seen last night’s hail warning in Madisonville.  If you live in an area prone to hail damage, you can actually protect your roof and investment by selecting materials that hold well against hail damage.  There are also several steps that will increase protection of your existing roof and components as well.  Below is a series of recommendations that you or your Bryan roofing contractor can do to prepare for potential hail hazards.

Susceptible Roofing Materials

Smooth roof coverings like single-ply are more easily damaged by hail than those made from gravel, stone, or asphalt.  Additionally, built-up roof coverings (multiple layers or roof felts) also do not fare as well.  These structures tend to not hold up as well against hail because they have less support than other roofing materials.

In a study conducted by Vickie Crenshaw and Jim D. Kootz that measured hail impact on roofing systems, they found that roofing materials with additional support had better resistance to hail damage than those with lower support, like single-ply coverings.  Specifically they found that as the roofing metal thickness decreased, the hail impact diameter increased.  These results back up previous observations that using light metal roofs can increase the risk of hail damage.

Blistering roof coverings are often pierced by hailstones.  The piercing allows water entry into the roof, where it should not reside.  Additionally, roofs with ballasts are often subjugated to scouring effects of strong winds.

Preventative Recommendations

Even if you have an older roof, there are several things that you or your Bryan roofing contractor can do to help prevent hail damage.  Besides regularly inspecting your roof for imperfections and performing proper maintenance, you can:

  • Install skylight protection screens
  • Repair blistered roof coverings
  • Reinforce loose roofing materials
  • Install protection shields for rooftop equipment

If you are building a new roof or constructing a new home, then you want to use an impact resistant roofing material. Impact resistance is rated from 1 to 4, with class 4 labeled as the highest impact resistance rating. Bryan roofing contractors should recommend a class 3 or class 4 due to the prevalence of hail in the Bryan College Station area.

Proper Roof Design

If you live in a hail prone area then the better designed your roof, the better it will hold up against a hail storm.  The best roofing contractors undergo continual education on the best roofing practices.  These practices include design techniques that distribute the load of hailstone impact across a greater surface area, preventing and reducing damage.  Not only can any overall shape be designed, but select materials like roof coverings and membranes with the proper layering and ordering provide additional impact resistance.

Schulte Roofing is a Bryan roofing contractor with over 100 years of combined hailstorm experience.  Servicing the entire Bryan-College Station and surrounding areas for the last 18 years, Schulte Roofing provides free information and tips for area residents with hail damage.  If you suspect you that are a victim of hail damage and would like suggestions on how to improve your roof’s resistance, contact a roofing specialist today.