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Better Data, Better Roofing

College Station roofer uses data and research build better roofs.

When building and designing a roof, many considerations go into play; cost, energy savings, life of the roof, maintenance of the roof, warranty, materials, etc.  However, most home owners do not realize that in addition to these issues, a professional College Station roofer  is also calculating and examining the quality of the materials used in your roof.  This helps ensure your roof’s longevity and your safety.  There are weather concerns that regulate how College Station roofing contractors build roofs.   These regulations are designed to keep you safe in your home during storms and are derived, in part, from important data and research provided by the Texas Hazard Mitigation Package via the Texas Geographic Society.

The Texas Mitigation Package

The Texas Mitigation Package is an online tool that contains datasets that are used by emergency planners, engineers, and construction experts.  This tool allows individuals to easily identify natural hazards that occur in Texas.  The data collected contains information about thunderstorms, hail, ice, and snow.  Additionally, the dataset also identifies area wind speeds and classifies them into wind zones, based on wind speed.  The zones are classified according to the needs of a “safe room” inside a structure and 3 second wind gusts.

Relationship to Roofing

While you are selecting your favorite color and material type, your experienced College Station roofer is already calculating the type of material needed to complete the job according to specification.  Different areas of Texas are classified into different wind zones.  Each zone has specific codes that related to the type of material used and the installation process.  Experienced roofing contractors know these codes before you meet with them and can help guide you to the best roof build possible for your geographical region and your roofing goals.  Example goals and how to meet them while maintaining code specifications include:

  • Energy-Efficiency: Roofing materials with maximum thermal resistance.
  • Cost Savings: Roofing systems will meet minimal specs.
  • Longevity: Roofing systems designed to exceed area code and minimal specs.
  • Low Maintenance: Select roof types to minimize maintenance.

 Why It Matters

The more information you have available to use when designing a roofing system the better built the roofing system will be.  This is especially true with professional College Station roofers that use actual data to build roofing systems.

In addition to being of higher quality and more aesthetically pleasing, roof systems that use analytical data save you time during the design stage and covers unforeseen contingencies down the road.  For example, a roof system that is designed to exceed the wind zone specification of a given area will hold up well against a record breaking storm 10 years down the road.

Schulte Roofing is a professional College Station roofer with 18 years of business in the Bryan College Station area.   Known as the “Home of the BulletProof Roof® Guarantee”, Schulte Roofing is able to deliver the industry’s best warranty because of the use of analytical data.  This data helps us design and build the right roof for your budget.