Storm Damage

What Hurricanes do to College Station Roofing

Living in the South, we all know that hurricanes can be a big pain and everyone dreads the havoc a hurricane can wreak on our homes. Understanding the importance of properly maintaining your roof, getting it inspected, and upgrading to current standards will give you one less thing to worry about when the storm hits. FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency says that “Roof systems typically fail when winds produce forces greater than the roof’s strength.” Don’t wait until it’s too late! Be sure to keep up with proper maintenance and get a professional college station roofer to inspect the current conditions of your roof today.

How does wind cause damage to my roof?

Wind can tear roof decks from the framing, they can tear roof coverings from roof decks, and it doesn’t help if the structure is aged. Fasteners become corroded over a long period of time and won’t hold as well as when they were first installed. Strong winds can also cause debris to puncture the roof or siding of a College Station/ Houston area home, so be sure to repair or replace any aged or previously damaged areas.

Was my roof installed to withstand high winds?

Asphalt shingle roofs can withstand high winds depending on how they were installed, when they were installed, and the materials used. If the asphalt roof had improper starter-strip installation or installed in an improper raking fashion, then your roof may not survive high winds. Also, clay tile roofing may give way during high winds if there was inadequate anchorage.

What materials will make my roof more wind resistant?

The best way to know for sure if you have a hurricane-ready roof that is going to protect you and your family is by having it inspected by a proven college station roofing company. Schulte roofing will inspect your roof, check for corrosion, check for loose, cracked, or broken shingles. Schulte specializes in installations and ensuring that your roof meets State and National regulations, so that your home is hurricane-ready.

Don’t wait until a hurricane hits to realize that your roof was never checked out by the highest rated College Station roofing company. Make sure you ask about their thorough inspection, and how they can get you the best prices in the Brazos Valley. Double check the Warranty guidelines and maintenance for your roof with one of Schulte’s knowledgeable and highly trained professionals today. Schulte will give you their “Bulletproof Roof Guarantee” to ensure that you’ve got a hurricane-ready roof over your head.

Was my roof installed to withstand high winds?