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The Bright Athletic Complex

college station roofing contractor shows bright building before work

The Bright Athletic Complex is located right next door to the historic Kyle Field at Texas A&M University. This is a complex that has a unique flat roof deck that makes it easy for people to walk onto so they can enjoy the sunlight and the surroundings of College Station and the southern end of Kyle Field.

The process for completing the design of this flat roof deck was complex but it was will done through Schulte Roofing to help create a beautiful surface that is attractive for everyone to see.

About the Complex

The Bright Athletic Complex was created not so much as a place to help with adding seats to Kyle Field for the southern end of the stadium but rather as a place for handling the football team’s needs. The complex was built in 2003 and holds a training center for the team as well as an academic center for the athletes and dressing rooms for games.

This complex was designed with a full rehabilitation center with a rehab pool. There’s also a video reviewing room for players to use in this complex. The features in this place are all designed to help keep the Aggies competitive in the always-challenging SEC.

The complex was named in honor of Harvey “Bum” Bright, an oil investor who owned the Dallas Cowboys in the 1980s. Bright was a Texas A&M graduate and a strong support of the university. He donated a large amount of money to the school in 1997 and again in 2000 in order to support the renovations to Kyle Field. The Bright Athletic Complex was named in his honor.

About the Roofing Job

The roof on top of the Bright Athletic Complex was designed with the intention of not only holding enough people on the surface but also with keeping the property stable. With so many interested in coming to games here at Kyle Field, there is a need to consider the addition of new seats in the area in order to accommodate the strong demand for the team’s games.

The construction of this roof was made to help with establishing a surface that is not only strong but also capable of handling all the weight that comes in with the field. The surface is designed with a flat body but it is made with Versico TPO to create a reinforced body that will stay intact for years to come and will not wear out very easily. It can particularly be supported with a variety of sizes to make it easier for different items to stay intact and be as strong as it could be.

The roof was also designed to be flat with the intention of supporting spaces for people to stay on. This was also to make it easier for the roof to be completed without using as many materials as necessary. It may also be easier for the complex to handle new construction features as it is being maintained or even expanded upon.

college station roofing contractor completes work at kyle field

Energy Help

The fact that this new roofing job features Versico TPO materials only makes this job all the more useful. The compound contains a thermoplastic polyolefin surface to help reflect the sun’s rays and to survive in many weather conditions. These include cases where the weather is more humid than usual. This makes it easier for the complex to keep its energy use intact and to even qualify for Energy Star certification.

This is all designed for the need to handle a reduced potential to spend more on energy use than needed. While it is true that a flat roof will require more maintenance than a curved roof, the use of a proficient roofing maintenance team will help to ensure that a roof like this will not be at risk. This could work particularly well for a building like this that features a consistent need for use.

The design of this roof on top of the Bright Athletic Complex is a strong feature that makes it worthwhile for all sorts of plans. This example of Houston commercial roofing is designed not only to make it easier for the roof to handle weight but to also make sure that it can handle as much energy as it should. This adds to the quality of the roof to make it work right.