Our 17-Point Roofing Inspection Broken Down

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The goal of a typical roof inspection is to identify roofing materials, deficiencies, components that are near the end of their service life and roof components that are not functioning properly. Here is our out-of-the-box 17-step inspection protocol to cater to all your roof Houston needs.

Type of Roof

A successful inspection starts with a keen examination of your type of roof. Is it a steep-sloped, low sloped or flat roof? We also seek to calculate the roof’s pitch. Is your roof’s pitch within the recommended range of degrees?

Age of Roof

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Any roof inspection should look at the age of the roof, but the look on the surface is only one item that should be checked. We established the true age of the roof with your consent from your files. Also, we go through the roof plan to identify all the equipment on the roof. Besides that, we take some time to familiarize with the nature of repairs that (might) have been done on the roof in the past.

Water Leaks Inspection

Prior to getting on the roof, we thoroughly inspect interior ceilings, attics and walls for evidence of damage and/or leakage. Signs of leakage on a ceiling do not necessarily mean the roof is leaking right overheard. The leak may originate in on one spot an move down until it finds a weak point before it shows up, often quite a couple of meters away. Our experienced roofers will do whatever it takes to identify the exact origin of the leak and suggest the best course of action to prevent further damage of our property.

Roof Deck Inspection

We’ll inspect the roof deck for any pre-existing and upcoming structural damage caused by possible water damage, dry rot or termites. A rotten roof can be an indication of faulty roofing.

Shingles Examination

It’s natural for roofing shingles to weather and deteriorate over time. The rate at which this happens can be affected to a couple of things like – shingle quality, climate, degree of roof slope or structure orientation. We determine the extent of damage on shingles and suggest the right forward for the homeowner.

Missing Shingles/Tiles or Loose Panels

Different homes have different roofing challenges and sometimes some roofing products require the help of a specialist to give a qualified opinion. That’s our specialty; we continually educate ourselves to be the best inspectors possible.

Algae Growth Inspection

Algae can grow on all types of roof surfaces – clay, concrete asbestos, slate and even asphalt shingles. Identify such defects is our core mandate.

Chimney flashing Inspection

Chimney flashing repair related calls are common house calls that we receive every day. Our techs will evaluate your situation and recommend the best course of action for your flashing repair.

Abutment Inspections

If there’s a leak anywhere down-slope, water entering at this roof-wall intersection can easily find its way into your home. We work hard to nip such problems in the bud.

Jacks and Vents Inspection

We take time to inspect the softer materials of your roof. This is because hail can easily damage these materials and weaken your roof.

Roofing Ventilation Inspection

A comprehensive inspection of your roof ventilation can help you reduce cooling bills and extend shingle life.

Is Roof Properly Fastened

We have the right tools to check for proper fastening without compromising the wind resistance of the roof.

What’s the condition of roofing attachments?

Our inspectors will determine if your antennas and lighting rods are in good condition to keep going for the next few years or require immediate replacement.

Gutter Inspection

Not sure if the gutter of your Houston roof need replacing or just maintenance? Relax. We’ll give you sensible solutions to all your gutter problems.

Soffit Examination

We will check the outer ridges and corners to see if there are any signs of cracking paint or if the soffit is misshaped. We’re always on the lookout for early and advanced signs of moisture damage.

Are hot water and furnace connections OK (attic)?

Attics are typically dark and dusty places where no one really wants to stay for long. It is our humble duty to get in there and check of all the connections serving your home – hot water and furnace connections – are properly installed and working well.

Inspecting signs of water penetration or deteriorated decking (attic)

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Inspecting signs of water penetration or deteriorated decking (attic)Leaks, seepage(s), water damage and mold are pretty common problems with attics. Our inspection will allow you to spot problems on this nature early on so you can them repaired on time.

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That’s pretty much it – our comprehensive roofing inspection protocols that have left many Houston homeowners happy over the last 19 years.  For more information, contact Schulte Roofing today.