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Schulte Roofing and Partners Attempt Guinness World Record Gingerbread House

rendering of gingerbread house and roof in bryan

This coming 30th of November, all roads lead to Traditions Private Golf and Country Club in Bryan College Station for the unveiling of the world’s largest gingerbread house. Traditions Club, the owners of this ingenious project, has invited us to provide the roof for this monumental structure. We know this is a big project because the whole world will be waiting to see history being re-written.   Schulte Roofing will be designing and building the roofing system used in this Bryan roofing project.

Progress Made So Far

frame of gingerbread house and roof in bryan tx

The foundation to this project has already been laid, what is remaining is fitting of the side frames and then Schulte will take over from the other contractor to do the roofing part. We are “all systems go” eager to do what we have been known to do best for the last (nearly) 20 years. As usual, safety comes first in all our projects. We are not about to change that philosophy anytime soon. This unfortunately means that the College Station roofing system for the upcoming World’s Largest Gingerbread house will not be 100% edible because we will be building a roof that meets the highest standards of structural integrity.

gingerbread house progress before roof bryan tx

Lets’ Own this Project

bryan roofing trying to beat current record set by mall of america
Current Record Holder: Roger A. Pelcher at the Mall of America

What better way to spend this holiday season with your kids than to take part in making history? Well, Traditions Club is inviting everyone who would like to play a part in this monumental to do so by way of sending donations. You can send in your contribution – monetary donations, building materials, food products, candy and even moral support, and man hours.

current world record holder gingerbread house at mall of america
Current Guinness World Record Gingerbread House at the Mall of America

Do you know the Muffin Man?

This is our project (as Brazos Valley residents) and we just have to give it our very best as we always do to everything we’re tasked to do. Don’t be left behind, everyone else is rushing to grab this lifetime opportunity. Even the Muffin Man and his wife will be there helping out. Brazos Valley, this is our chance to show the whole of America and the world at large that we’re the gold standard. Let us all come together in support of this worthy project. A walk to popularize this project scheduled to take place soon. To take part in it, you only need to pay $100 and walk or run! It’s that simple.

Ready For the Big Day?

According to plans, the house will be ready for unveiling on November 30 just in time for the Christmas festivities. You and your family will be free to visit anytime from 6pm to 10 pm, Tuesday to Sunday. This opportunity will be available for two weeks after the launch and it’ll cost $2 for children and $3 for adults. Santa will be available for photos during this time! Kids with a colored version of this photo will enjoy free admission to the house.  (Download full form on the Traditions website – link at the bottom.)
coloringbook gingerbreadhouse in bryan tx mini

What Is The Idea Behind This Project?

There are several ideas behind the launch of this unique project. For starters, proceeds realized from the whole event will be donated to St. Josephs Level II Trauma Center. Note that St. Joseph’s Trauma Center is the largest Trauma center in this region serving thousands of residents. Funds from this upcoming event will indeed play a big role in improving the quality of life in and around College station. The second idea behind this project is to bring the people of Brazos Valley together in a bid to leave a lasting mark on the face of the world. We take this as an opportunity to share the wonder and marvel of Bryan Roofing with the world.

The success of this world’s largest Gingerbread house project will not only hoist Brazos Valley’s good name higher but will give us a Christmas to remember. Your kids will ultimately love it. The world will marvel at it. We’ll all be proud of ourselves for playing our part in this inspirational project.

gingerbread house roof in bryan tx

Final Word

Opportunities such as this one are rare in life. That said, you have every reason to take part in the ongoing construction works in your own small way. Schulte will be doing the roofing. Some other person will be doing the walls. Another one will be doing the interior decor. What about you? You can chip in your contribution to make this project a dream come true. Brazos Valley, it’s our time.

big red houston roof inspector mini

For more information about the event, please visit Traditions Club.