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Walk-ins Welcome – 24/7

bryan roofer welcomes walkins

A typical Bryan roofing project is a huge amount to sink in a faulty contract and that is why Schulte time and again advises homeowners to scrutinize the roofing contractor before allowing them in their home compound. Unfortunately, scammers are advancing their tactics by the day and telling a fly-by night (brief-case) company from a genuine one is more than ever a daunting task.

Don’t Fall For That Sweet Deal Before You Visit Them at Their Offices

bryan roofer samples

Over the past few years Navasota has seen an increase in the number of door-to-door solicits. Those behind these solicits are known to offer huge discounts for finding their customers. And as if by coincidence, they just happen to have materials left over from a previous job. Companies running such deals often fail to list a business number in the local telephone directory. Their salesmen are aggressive and unbelievably charming often pressuring their “catch” for an immediate decision. These are just but a few of the tactics that the not-so-good contractors apply to fleece innocent homeowners of their hard earned cash in null roofing contracts.

bryan roofer with live demos

Fortunately, with a little bit of research and patience it is easy to tell a scammer from a genuine contractor. How? Five years ago, the rule of the thumb was to simply insist on company license but today things have changed. Bryan Roofers recommend visiting the potential contractor’s premises before awarding the contract. Not just ensure that they’re legit but also to get a direct feel of their workmanship and customer service. Beware of companies that seem not interested in having you visit their official premises. They most probably run their operations from the back of a truck and chances are that they’ll not be available to honor their part of the deal should something go wrong with your roof a couple of years down the line.

Seeing “And Touching” Is Believing

see bryan roofer demos in person

Aside from helping you tell an incompetent roofer from a good one, making a visit to your potential roofer’s premises provides you with a chance to learn more about roofing. For instance, if you are interested in metal roofing or other hail resistant roofing products, a visit to a roofer will make it possible for you to see a hail demonstration. Plus you’ll have all the time and freedom to ask questions about roofing – some which are difficult to ask over a telephone conversation with the sales guys.

This Is One of Our Policies Here At Schulte Roofing

bryan roofer showroom

The simple act of bringing potential and existing customers into the showroom removes a lot of mystique of dealing with a roofing company. That is why we at Schulte Roofing Inc. have our doors wide open during business hours. We want you to walk through our offices and take a tour round our magnificent showroom. We want you to get up-close and personal with our industry accomplishments along with major endorsements and phenomenal accreditations. And you’re not limited as to the number of times you can call on us. Any time you miss us just pass by and you’ll be received by one of our hospitable customer care reps who will cater to all your roofing needs and at the same time answer your queries.

Yes, We Have It All

tile sample by a bryan roofer

Our showroom is a simple space but it does contain samples of virtually any roofing system you’ll find in homes in the historic downtown Bryan Tx. Not limited to these, the showroom holds samples of literary every accessory that goes into a roofing system. Many products are displayed on the walls and right outside our offices and are lit at night for you to see should your visit last beyond the normal office hours. In addition we have computers that show sales presentations to help you easily make a sound roofing choice. With all these and more features, you really have every reason to just come and say hi to us and see what roofing options and technologies we have readily available for you.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Us?

metal roofing by a bryan roofer

Our normal hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm but we’re routinely open beyond that on weekends. We would like to see you around one of these fine days. You’re highly welcome.

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