Industry Announcements

National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) Updated 2011 Roofing Manual on CD

Roof design has constantly evolved throughout the years for Houston roofing contractors. Roof designs now have efficient insulation so an evenTile Roof temperature can be achieved within living areas. Modern roofs also have a longer life span as compared to older roofs; this is due to better quality materials and higher roofing standards. All these benefits were made possible due to continual innovations in roofing design and one of the biggest contributors to this development is the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). Founded in 1886, the NRCA has been one of the roofing industry’s most respected non-profit groups that specifically has focused on roofing standards and practices. Its mission is to be a principal advocate of the roofing industry and help their members better serve the customers reliant upon the roofing industry. They continuously enhance the industry by providing education, information, and technology about roofing to all members and interested parties in the roofing industry.

Availability of Manuals

In achieving its mission, the NRCA has built its name and reputation through the regular provision of manuals of time-tested and best practice guidelines including roofing installation techniques, materials, as well as roofing design. To assure the widest coverage including Houston roofing contractors, the manuals are made available to almost every sector of the roofing industry including building owners, governmental agencies, contractors, architects, engineers, and consultants as well as distributors and manufacturers.

Types of Manuals

The very first manual produced by the NRCA in 1970 was entitled ‘A Manual of Roofing Practice.’ They continue to offer various manuals as well as its primary publication ‘The NCRA Roofing Manual’ that consists of four volumes of highly pertinent roofing information. Some of the additional NRCA-released manuals include: roofing and waterproofing; membrane roof systems; metal panel and SPF roof systems; steep slope roof systems; architectural metal flashing; and moisture control and reroofing to name just a few. For decades, the NRCA has been known for providing roofing manuals to Houston roofing contractors as well as training and making it available to various roofing sectors in an effort to elevate the standard of roofing design. The manuals are constantly revised and updated to feature the latest roofing practices. Manuals have also been made available in a digital format to supplement the manual’s printed version. The latest addition is an on-demand, web-based service that allows its members to view important material online in an interactive manner. The NRCA organization, along with the roofing manuals and training it provides has proven to be an indispensable technical source of information for various sectors in the roofing industry. This group continues to make a huge positive impact on improving all features of the roofing industry.