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Merry Christmas from Schulte Roofing

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare — it’s Christmas Eve night, the children are in bed, and all of a sudden a loud crash comes from the living room. From the pile of shingles and dust and roofing debris you can see a red velvet suit and 8 ornery reindeer, not to mention a busted up sleigh. Santa fell through the roof this year! When it comes to College Station roofing, only Schulte Roofing has the seal of approval from Santa himself. Although this is his busy time of year, we were able to get Santa to respond to our email interview about why College Station roofing is his absolute favorite to land on when Christmas comes around.

Schulte Roofing: First of all Santa, thanks for taking the time to reply to this. I know you’re busy with the elves getting ready for Christmas. We really appreciate your time.
Santa: Ho ho ho! It’s no problem, guys. I’m pretty busy but I always have time for the good little girls and boys at Schulte Roofing. You’ve been making College Station one of my favorite places to visit for since 1994.

Schulte Roofing: Let’s get right to it, then. What is it about the premium roofs installed by Schulte Roofing that makes them your favorite?

Santa: Well, I’ll tell you. I’m in such a rush that sometimes I land pretty hard, and since it’s usually dark and snowy I can’t see very well. When it comes to College Station roofing I can always tell when a homeowner has used Schulte Roofing to install a new roof or repair their existing one. It just feels a lot more solid, which is great for me since I’m usually full of cookies and milk, plus the reindeer and the sleigh full of toys really weigh a lot. The installers at Schulte Roofing are experienced and professional. They do quality work fast, and stand by it with the best warranty in the industry.

Schulte Roofing: The warranty means that much?

Santa: It sure does! I do my best, but even I don’t warranty all of my work. The elves are great at their jobs but I’m still amazed that Schulte Roofing can stand by their work like that. I sure can’t offer a 50 year guarantee on all of my toys to good girls and boys like you do on your shingled College Station roofing. And the complimentary 3 year membership in the Overhead Care Club is fantastic. Imagine if I offered discount repairs and regular maintenance on every toy I delivered for 3 years. I’d never get any rest! You guys even clean the gutters and skylights! It’s no wonder you’re at the top of my Nice list.

Schulte Roofing: Wow, Santa, you’re really being too kind. We just try our hardest for all of our customers. Honoring our BulletProof™ Guarantee isn’t a challenge for us because we have experienced, professional installers and we hold them to a high standard.

Santa Leaving College Station

Santa: Ho ho ho! You’re being modest! The 25 year transferable warranty of your workmanship and 100% Satisfaction Or Your Money-Back Guarantee is outstanding. I never have to worry about a reindeer twisting his ankle or tripping on a pile of snowy leaves leftover from the fall on College Station roofing installed by Schulte Roofing. And you even offer $500 protection against leaks and priority appointments for your customers! Some years I can’t even manage to respond to every single letter.

Schulte Roofing: Can you really tell which College Station roofing was installed by Schulte Roofing when you land on Christmas morning?

Santa: I sure can! Nothing feels as solid and stable as a shingled or Kynar500 metal roof installed by Schulte. I always try to leave a little something extra for the kids whose parents are savvy enough to take advantage of your BulletProof guarantee. And it’s not just how the roof feels, Schulte even stops homeowners and roofing material manufacturers from fighting with their 25 year “No Blame Game” guarantee. Not only are the professionals at Schulte Roofing on my Nice list, but they’re helping to keep other girls and boys from being Naughty too. I really appreciate the way you take responsibility for the safety and quality of every roof that you guys install, even if the materials were defective from the factory.

Schulte Roofing: Thank you, Santa. That really means a lot coming from you. And thank you for taking the time to make yourself available for this interview.

Santa: No, thank you! I always feel safer on College Station roofing because of the quality work that you do. Merry Christmas!

24 hour Emergency Service by College Station roofers
Schulte Roofing: Merry Christmas, Santa!


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  2. I sure can’t offer a 50 year guarantee on all of my toys to good girls and boys like you do on your shingled College Station roofing. Merry Christmas to Schulte Roofing.

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  10. Thank you for sharing this and thanks to Santa for his recommendations. I hope both of you enjoyed the Christmas day very much.

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