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Schulte Roofing and Team Smash the Guinness World Record

bryan roofer completes gingerbread house

We did it! It’s now official; the world’s largest Ginger bread house Guinness World Record belongs to the great people of Bryan TX, Schulte Roofing, and all of the volunteers . The massive 39201.8 cubic feet edible structure officially took this coveted title after Phillip Robertson (a Guinness World Record’s adjudicator) formally declared it the largest, edible gingerbread house on the face of the earth. This title was previously held by Rodger Pelcher and Mall of America since 2006 which measured an 36000 cubic feet.

Our work stood out

bryan roofers working

Addressing an anxious crowd at Traditions Saturday evening, Mr. Phillip Robertson said that he was impressed with the structural integrity of the building’s exterior. He actually made special mention of the shingles used for the roof saying “The structure is incredible; that’s over 4000 shingles that weigh approximately five and a half pounds each”. As we always assure our clients, Schulte Roofing’s job always stands out. Even the Guinness World Record team did notice something unique about the type of roof used to protect the integrity of this turn-key gingerbread house.

guinness official measurement bryan roofing

Note that the building is completely in the open. Indeed the roof we installed is strong enough to keep the building going strong for the next two weeks. But the famous gingerbread house is not just impressive structure-wise. A good portion of its exterior is edible. The smell from the building speaks volumes; even the bees are often making visits to sample the sweet side of the Gingerbread house. We believe that that’s Mother Nature’s own way of validating the authenticity and integrity of this project.

Tough weather; a motivation

executive chef at traditions golf club mini

The journey to completing this project was a pretty treacherous one. The weather was unusually wet and humid and most teams had to go back to the drawing board just to ensure that no stone was left unturned. The team that faced the biggest challenge is that of Tradition Club’s chefs and artisans who had to tweak the ingredients to cope with Mother Nature’s demands. “We had to go back the drawing board and change the recipe” Michael Minhanca (Traditions Executive Chef) said in an interview. Thanks to this creativity, as we speak, the whole house is intact. No cookie has crumbled. No cracks have appeared yet and the icing is still as incredible as anyone would expect it to be.

bryan roofer volunteers mini

Inside the house is even more magnificent than the outside. There’s power pretty much like you’d expect of a normal house only that there’s no bathroom. The walls are coated with brilliant colors that are sure to bring instant Christmas magic to anyone who takes time to take a brief walk inside. The official Guinness World Record plaque is majestically displayed on a fireplace-like structure on one of the sides of the house. The walls are full of hang-ons and all manner of accessories that are associated with the Christmas season.

Setting the record straight

santa lands on a strong gingerbread roof

According to Traditions top-leadership the request to build this awesome gingerbread house was submitted a couple of months ago. Upon approving the proposal, the Guinness World Record team put forward the following three guidelines:

(a)The house must be made of gingerbread

The team which flew in on Friday to examine the building spent almost six hours inspecting it just to ensure that it met the laid-out criteria. A special architect was brought in to confirm the actual measurements of the building. Finally the reputed GWR team led by Philip Robertson came out and officially confirmed the good news that the whole of Bryan and the world had been waiting with baited breath to hear – we’re the official home to the world’s largest Gingerbread house.

All Thanks To You

schulte roofing is a guinness world record holder

All residents of Brazos Valley and its environs have every reason to smile now. What just a couple of miles back seemed like a far-fetched dream is now a reality. Your input, no matter how small or large played a critical role in the achievement of this goal. Schulte Roofing, your number one Bryan Roofing Company was honored to be part of this outstanding project. We take this opportunity to invite you and your family to come out in large numbers to be part of Bryan’s moment in history. Tickets are going for $2 for kids and $3 for adults. Kids with a colored version of this photo: (– USE&NS=GBH), will enjoy a free visit to the house. All proceed will be donated to St. John’s Trauma Center.

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