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Guinness World Record Gingerbread House Update

bryan roofer working on gingerbread house

Arise and shine for the big day is nigh! The record breaking Ginger house project we helped build will be officially unveiled in just a few days time. The project is 98% done; only about 2% is remaining. Fellow Brazos Valley residents (and the world at large) this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Your number Bryan Roofing Company is proud to present you with some background information about the progress made so far.

Against all odds

gingber bread house sponsors bryan roofing

The last time we updated you about this trendsetting project, much of the foundation was already in place but the frame was yet to be fully assembled. We’re glad to inform you today that the frame was done and fully installed just in time to give way to our ever-committed technicians to roll out the Schulte Roofing’s agenda for this much-awaited project.

Armed with over 20 years of hands-on experience, the latest machinery and roofing skills, Schulte Roofing pitched tent at the construction site with one objective in mind – to get the job done safely and timely. Although the current wet weather posed a major challenge to our work, we were committed to seeing history being re-written. So we re-adjusted our normal working schedule and started working beyond normal hours. The arduous weather notwithstanding, we completed our part of this project just in time to make way for the next team which is currently laying gingerbread tiles and icing down. Of course; you can rest assured we did not leave the site until we were sure that the entire structure meets the highest standards of structural strength and architectural integrity.

Gingerbreadhouse secret formula changed

bryan roofers playing with gingerbread men

Due to the extra rain that has been pounding this area for the past few days; everyone who is part of this project has had to operate slightly different than it was initially planned. For instance, we’ve told you that Schulte Roofing had to re-adjust its schedule to finish its assignment against all odds. Likewise, other crews that came to the site after us have had to change their game plan. The abnormally high moisture content, for instance, has caused the gingerbread mixture to fail in several occasions. But don’t worry because the food artisans on site have already changed their secret recipe to withstand the moisture. Talk of tough times calling for tough measures.

The good times

schulte roofing in bryan working on world record

Despite the tiny hiccups with the weather we had our fair share of fun working on this project. For example we took some time off to meet the muffin man and his wife who were also volunteering at the site. We were greatly moved by the passion and commitment shown by those who came out to volunteer. Indeed this was an awesome project and we look forward to more of such opportunities to give back to the society. Schulte Roofing Inc. is indeed proud to be associated with the warm, candid and hardworking Brazos valley community.

Hard work, cooperation and unity is one of Schulte Roofing’s Philosophies

bryan roofing team

As you know, Schulte Roofing is a company that is founded on strong principles and working philosophies. Hard work, cooperation and unity are a critical part of our DNA. This is why we’re always scouting for new avenues to work closely with you. We believe that it’s only by building a close-knit working relationship with you that we can confidently categorize ourselves as a Bryan roofing company with the community’s interest at heart. Thanks to this Gingerhouse project and ALL of the volunteers like the artisans and handymen that were out there working alongside us, we’ve had the perfect opportunity to meet with some of you and share some wonderful time together.

bryan roofer assistant

At Schulte Roofing we believe a roofing specialist is more than a salesperson, it’s a person that can not only do the work, but knows how to design the right for a homeowner’s budget and goals.  We and our families also live in the local community and that means the best expertise for your home’s most important asset and the understanding of a Bryan/College Station neighbor.

We’ve gone through the tough times together and we’ve come out triumphant. The courage to conquer the unconquerable is what makes a Brazos Valley resident stand-out from the pack wherever in the world they may be.

It’s warm up time

schulte roofing bryan gingerbread house

The clock is ticking fast and we’re all anxiously waiting for history to be re-written when the Brazos Valley 2013 Gingerbread house Project is officially inaugurated as the world’s largest Gingerbread house by officials from the Guinness Book of World Records. All the glory belongs to the amazing people of Brazos Valley for their continued support, warmth and kindness.