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Thousands of Options at Your Fingertips

Planning for a home roofing project is usually a daunting task due to the many roofing materials and styles available. Fortunately, advancement in technology has led to development of a 3D roofing and siding Visualizer tool that is specifically tailored to help homeowners accurately choose the best roofing materials that are in line with the local construction rules and regulations. This amazing tool is provided by Schulte Roofing Company and GAF, the world leading manufacturer of roofing materials.

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to use this advanced tool to choose roofing materials for your next home roofing project.

1. Enter your Zip Code

enter_zip to check College Station roofing material availability.
Enter zipcode to check College Station roofing material availability.

The main goal of this tool is to give homeowners suggestions of GAF roofing and siding materials that are available in their locality. More importantly, the materials are approved by various regulatory bodies hence you can rest assured that you will get value for your money. To achieve this, it is synchronized with all US and Canadian postal codes. All you have to do is enter your current Zip Code to get over thousands of different roofing materials.

2. Upload your home photo or start a fresh

A basic starting template in the visualizer.

To ensure that the results are accurately, the geniuses behind this program have incorporated a feature that allows one to upload an image of their home. This helps the program to generate a 3D image that is accurate and precise. Also, there are a number of pre-existing templates that you can use to get the same results. Again, all the templates are pre-approved before being made available to you so quality is guaranteed.

3. Play around

A template home manipulated by a College Station roofing planner
A template home manipulated by a College Station roofing planner

To meet the diverse clients needs, the tool is packed with a wide array of roofing materials hence no matter your specific needs or preferences, you will find one that best suits your needs and existing architectural design of your home. Once you have uploaded your photo or selected a template, take time to try out various materials to get a clear picture of how your home will look like if you decide to use a given material.

4. Get professional support

Once you have settled on one or two roofing options, save the document, print or download it in PDF format for future reference. The document has all the product specifications that you need to make informed decisions especially when budgeting.

Why Use the Visualizer?

Saves time

Time is a very limited resource that we cannot afford to waste. Gone are the days when you had to walk from one store to another or carry out intensive online research looking for roofing materials for your home. The programmers of this tool understand this fact very well and that is why they have tailored it to generate results in real-time once you upload the photo or select a template. This will in turn save you time for other income generating activities.


You do not have to drive to Schulte Roofing Company or GAF offices to use this tool (though you are most welcome!). All you need is a computer, Smartphone or an iPad and a reliable internet connection as the tool it’s fully automated and available online. Just visit our website, click on the tool, enter your details and within a few minutes you will be get over one thousands roofing material options that are available in your area.


No more guess work. Once you upload a photo of your home or choose a pre-existing template, the tool will work smart and create a vivid picture of how your home will look like after use of a certain material. It is also important to note that the materials are specifically designed to blend and compliments each other.

Saves you money

The 3D visualizer will help you achieve long term and short term financial goals by combining your home roofing, window system and siding all under the same umbrella. This will significantly reduce your energy bills by preventing loss of heat and ensuring that your heating and cooling systems work optimally to your advantage. It goes without saying that a reduction in your monthly electricity bill will go a long way in saving your money for other financial needs.


You don’t have to just use your computer to access this program. The programmers have developed an Android and iPad App that you can download, install and enjoy all its features at any time. Hence, you can plan for your next roofing project while on the go or on a vacation. No prior experience is required to use it as it comes with intuitive and clear instructions to literally hold your hand and guide you until you get the desired results.

Free of charge

Sometimes, price hinders homeowners from accessing such advanced home improvement tools. Fortunately this new era tool is 100% free; you will not be charged a penny to use it.  Our goal is to educate, not sell.

Ability to share your creation with your friends and colleagues

Once you complete the rendering process, you can print or save the document in PDF format. Additionally, you can share it with your friends through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook. You can also send out an email of the entire rendering project to family members and colleagues if you wish to get their perception.

For more details about this tool or roofing materials, do not hesitate to contact us, Schulte Roofing Company, the #1 roofing company in College Station, TX.