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4 Pricing Factors You Haven’t Thought About

Okay College Station, it’s time to replace or repair that roof. What do you use to make your decision?

Price. Check!

Materials. Check!

…{cue crickets}…

And, that’s where most homeowners stop when comparing College Station roofing contractors.

Homeowners are always trying to get the best deal on roofing projects. Makes sense, we all want to save money! Inevitably though most homeowners default to price as the sole deciding factor when choosing a roofing contractor. Unfortunately, when they make this decision they do so without comparing apples to apples. By that I mean that homeowners are not comparing installations or workmanship, warranty coverage, routine maintenance, and materials line for line.

Usually the decision making process usually ends up in disasters like this and this. But why do homeowners continue to make their decision based solely on parts and materials? Half of the issue is that price is a really, [REALLY] big deciding factor. The other half is education or lack thereof. That’s where this article comes in, education!

There are more factors that go into your roof pricing than just labor and materials. And, there’s a big difference between installation cost (what most homeowners believe to be the cost of roofing) and the total cost (the true cost of ownership). Here are 4 major area that you should look at when choosing a College Station roofing company.


It’s all about the Quality

Compare College Station Roofing Installations
Compare College Station Roofing Installations

Just because a roofer offers the lowest price, it does not mean that you will actually receive the lowest price. There are more factors that go into roofing than just the installation of the materials. Workmanship is the cause of 90% of roofing issues, according to Bob Villa (This Old House).

Because of workmanship issues, warranty coverage will be voided, repair costs soar, and an accelerate maintenance schedule must be maintained. Overall the lowest installation price is routinely the highest overall cost to you. Go ahead and read that line again!

Warranty Coverage

Who’s Really Covering You

Compare College Station Roofing Warranties
Compare College Station Roofing Warranties

If the roofing contractor does not adhere to the installation procedures, EXACTLY, then the manufacturer will not provide warranty coverage for any of the materials. Manufacturers have designed roofing systems to work in very specific ways and have spent millions of dollars perfecting the entire component system. Variation from installation procedures means poor functioning of the roofing system. Manufacturers will not provide a warranty plan on a system that does not work as designed or intended. That will leave you responsible for ALL repair and warranty costs, out of pocket, unless they can get the original installer to redo the work for free.

Ask yourself this question, “Has my College Station roofer been in business long enough to honor warranties?

Roof Maintenance

The Way to a Longer Lifespan and Fewer Repairs

Compare College Station Roofing Maintenance Schedules
Compare College Station Roofing Maintenance Schedules

A roof requires maintenance just like a car or truck. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that once you put a roof on you do not have to do anything else to it. Unfortunately, that is not the case and if your roof is not properly maintained, repair work will be required. Routine maintenance prevents expensive repairs that result from settling foundations, debris buildup, failing attachments, loose/missing materials and moisture buildup.

Roofing Materials

Same Materials, Same Manufacturers, Same Price

Compare College Station Roofing Materials Line by Line
Compare College Station Roofing Materials Line by Line

Every roofing contractor in the United States has almost the exact same access to every type of roofing material that any other roofing contractor can provide (excluding exclusive agreements). That is because there are only a few of trusted manufacturers that rate their materials high enough and provide a long enough service life to you and your home. And since every roofer provides materials from the same great manufacturers, the pricing is almost always on par (assuming an “apples for apples” comparison).

Shout-out to GAF, Certainteed, Solr, and others

Another question you may ask yourself is, “Does each roofing bid have the same materials, quantities, and layers?

You should make sure that whatever roof you decide to build conforms to all of material and installation specifications of the manufacturer and local building code.  Missing materials or materials swapped out for a different type or quality will void the warranty. Don’t fall for the old “mill wood / certified wood switcheroo“!

As you can see there can be a lot of potential pitfalls when choosing a roofer. You should always think carefully about what they feel are important deciding factors. Low installation cost does not always mean lowest overall cost. Rather, the wise homeowners opts for value (young grasshopper). In value the lowest overall cost is achieved and almost all cases adds to the value of the property. And, that’s the concept behind:

“The Bulletproof Roof® Guarantee”


More than a trademark, but a movement or way of conducting business, especially in the roofing industry. This concept guarantees that the each and every roof is built with the best value to the homeowner (you) in mind. Use our Roof Comparison Guide as a helpful reminder or contact Schulte Roofing’s newest location in College Station, TX for free education and information.

College Station Roofing Comparison Guide by Schulte Roofing
College Station Roofing Comparison Guide by Schulte Roofing