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TPO: The Next Frontier in the Roofing Industry

There exists a world of structural difference between commercial and residential buildings with the roofing system being amongst the most notable. Unlike residential buildings for instance, commercial buildings’ length and width call for exceptional designs to accommodate plumbing, insulation and ventilation systems on a grander scale.

The evolution of roofing materials in search of superior roofs that can withstand natural calamities and human induced damage has led to the rise of Thermoplastic Polyolefin or TPO and Propylene Diene Monomer, or EPDM for short. A quick chat with a College Station roofer or a roofing expert from any part of the world instantly reveals that these roof types’ popularity arise from their synthetic rubber properties. The rubber is highly resistant to water infiltration and is recommended for clean rain water harvesting activities. Roof installation is therefore one of the construction jobs that you should entrust with a roofing expert who understands the industry’s trends and dynamics.

Aim for Superior Roofs
TPO roofing just north of College Station

TPO roofing material ranks high in the minds of most roofers owing to its single-ply man made rubber that can be remolded, bringing about the environmentally friendly green roofs’ concept. The roofing material was initially popular amongst automakers that used it in its non-reinforced membrane form which has now been reinforced using special fabrics. As a result, roofs made of this rapidly selling synthetic materials display superior strength and elongation.

Fused Seam Features

Air-welded seams are amongst the most popular seams when it comes to TPO roofs because they last six times longer compared to glued seams and twice as long compared with the adhesive tape family of seams. The durability aspects of welded seams stem from the homogeneous bonds that create resistance against deterioration.

Best Pick – TPO or EPDM?

Length is a major factor when comparing TPO and EPDM because the later has a standard width of 12 feet while the former’s width depends on the manufacture’s specifications. The wider the width, the lower the roofing cost because of the wider roof area coverage and fewer seams to weld, reducing the amount of labor required.

College Station roofer builds TPO roofing

Other Benefits

Besides durability TPO comes in array of colors which include light gray, black and white.

  • They reflect up to 87 percent of caustic heat radiation, giving them an edge over EPDM.
  • Easy installation.
  • Short and long term cost-effective maintenance prospects in comparison to EPDM.
  • TPO is Energy Star rated owing to its energy saving features.
  • Provides cooling effect within and outside the building it roofs.
  • Minimizes damaging wind effects.
  • Mold and algae resistant.

Installation Techniques

There are three professionally accepted methods of installing TPO roofs:

  • The fully-adhered technique is achieved by gluing the surface on the insulation sheets directly using special adhesives.
  • Ballasted method involves laying the new insulation system on the decking before holding it in place with a pile of river rocks or ballast.
  • The mechanically-attached method on the other hand requires you to lay the sheets before fastening them with the help of screw-type transfer in conjunction with plates


Cost effective features such as wider width, durability and energy efficiency have led to the rise and rise of Thermoplastic Polyolefin technology. The tradition of superiority conveyed by TPO can partly be attributed to the American Society and Testing materials, ASTM. Manufactures have as well played their part by sticking to ASTM’s standards and providing accurate instructions for the installation processes. TPO therefore offers the best option if you are looking for a College Station roofing system with a futuristic difference and there is no better place to find the expertise than in a College Station roofer.


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  2. Thank you for your great post. i have read it and enjoyed it very much. Everyone should take a tour on your blog before taking their decision to get this helpful tips.

  3. Thank you for your great post. i have read it and enjoyed it very much. Everyone should take a tour on your blog before taking their decision to get this helpful tips.

  4. You have to be careful because every installation is different. There could be some cases where the EPDM is the better choice. Always check with your local roofer first and ask these very pointed questions. If you’re in College Station and still can’t get a straight answer, we are always here to help!

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