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The World’s Largest Gingerbread House Collects Over $200,000

The last two weeks have been momentous. Traffic to the world’s largest Gingerbread house grew by the day. All thanks to you and your friends who availed themselves to be part of history making. Not even the cold weather and moisture could dampen your spirit and willingness to give back to the society. We were greatly moved by your passion and warmth. Whatever contribution you made – no matter how small – you can be sure it’ll help move a mountain.

Gingerbread house with a Heart of Gold

Since November 30th when Tradition Club opened the world largest Gingerbread house for public viewing word about its magnificence and structural integrity has spread like wild-fire. The whole world was literary fighting for a chance to spend some time in this huge, edible structure. Santa also made frequent visits and attended several photo sessions. As demand for visiting this record-breaking structure grew, so were the fortunes of St. Joseph Level III Trauma Center. Remember, the whole event was organized with a view to raise funds for this all-essential health facility. By the time the curtains came down on December 14th the organizers had surpassed the set target of collecting $200 000. Ladies and gentlemen, what better way to celebrate this Christmas season than by giving back to society?

Unfinished Gingerbread House

All the fun

The world record-winning recipe was made with 1800 pounds of butter, 7200 eggs, 7200 pounds of flour, 3000 pounds of brown sugar, 225 gallons of molasses lots of candy and lots of FUN too. Yes, fun was part of the recipe that made this house stand out from the pack. Everyone had fun in their own way. We, at Schulte Roofing Inc., had our fair share of fun putting a stable roof to keep the building going strong to the end. We enjoyed meeting some of you, working together and exchanging ideas. Sharing and caring is part and parcel of our working philosophy.

Bryan roofer helps build gingerbread houseFun was also the main theme during the public viewing sessions. It was fun spending time with Santa and also taking photos with him. A walk inside the delicious smelling house was enough to leave any weary traveler rejuvenated. It felt nice being under the spotlight and as a bona fide Bryan roofer; we admit that we enjoyed the attention. This was indeed an early Christmas gift to the Bryan community.

All the glamor

From Fox News to US Today and CNN the whole world was for the last two weeks singing our song. Proving the old saying that EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS, the Traditions Club gingerbread house took the world by storm, quite literary. The house attracted about 500 visitors a nights managing to raise a whopping $150000 in just one week; with some visitors writing huge checks to support the trauma center.

Even bees could not help it. They came out in their numbers to get a share of the true taste of Brazos valley. The first few days saw a cluster of about 2000 bees coming to get drunk on sugar. But the organizers were very keen to ensure that these bees did not cause trouble to hundreds of visitors who were queuing to enter the building. So they called in a beekeeper who helped keep them at bay.

That the Guinness World Record was satisfied with the building is in itself a glamorous achievement. Truth be told, not many communities around the world have had the privilege of hosting these great men and women. The Bryan community not only did that but also cuddled them with their warmth and charm.

Schulte Roofing helps raised over $200,000

All thanks to the Bryan Community

As the Habitat for Humanity team winds up the deconstruction process. Schulte Roofing Inc. would like to thank all those who came out in large numbers to support this project. It was amazing seeing all of you working hard together. In unison, we sacrificed and conquered the challenge of bad weather to put our unique mark on the face of the world. This shows that we can achieve much more in the future if we stay united and work together. Remember that your contribution, no matter how meager it was will play a big role in improving someone’s health going forward and you’ll definitely be blessed for doing that. Many thanks from us at Schulte Roofing Inc.


    1. It truly was a community effort; roofers, architects, chefs, artisans, master planners, event coordinators, news, Santa, St. Joseph’s Hospital, the Aggie Women’s Basketball Team; you name it!

  1. All the house are looking beautiful. The decoration of these house is really attractive to look at. Want to make a house like this. Its really awesome.

  2. All the house are looking beautiful. The decoration of these house is really attractive to look at. Want to make a house like this. Its really awesome.

  3. It was truly a fun and rewarding experience. The fundraising goals were met, a new Guinness World Record, and the entire community came together in volunteers and visitors, supporting each other and the local community!

  4. t’s not Gingerbread, but some great inspiration here for us. I’m really excited to see it. Happy Christmas day.

  5. Thanks to bryan community for arranging it. It is really interesting. I think you were enjoyed it with an excited mind.

  6. ohh it is really amazing but the last one was really really funny. Very nice! Thanks you for sharing it.

  7. The world record-winning recipe was really exciting for me and at last got funny truly.

    Happy New Year Everyone 🙂

  8. Congratulation to Bryan community for their great effort. I also thank them for their hard work.

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