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Metal Roofing Options in Brenham, TX

arrowline steel shingles installed by a brenham roofing company

Metal roofs in Brenham are not necessarily flat sheets of metal, like many homeowners envision.  In fact there are many types of metal roofs even some that look like traditional shingles roofs.  Steel shingles offer a distinct advantage over asphalt shingles because they literally last a lifetime, are durable enough for almost any type of weather condition, and offer lower energy costs, especially when calculated over time.

Arrowline Shingles are Built to Last

Arrowline steel shingles are engineered to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions in the United States and Brenham, TX (winds in excess of 100MPH).  Any Brenham roofing company using these steel shingles should able to tell the homeowner why they last so long.  That is because of a special finish (Kynar 500) that is applied to the steel shingles during development.

Arrowline also has a 4-way locking and installation system which helps sustain against 100 MPH winds.  This also prevents the shingles from peeling, warping, or cracking under harsh conditions and roof lifetime.  Each shingle is also constructed with a double embossing pattern that enhances strength so that they can be walked on without damaging the shingle.  Currently the shingles come in 16 unique colors which lend more options to metal roofs in Brenham, TX.

Why should you Consider Steel Shingles?

brenham roofing company has steel shingle demos
Great Value
When compared to a traditional asphalt shingle roof, steel shingle roofs retain value for longer because of the superior durability which adds value to your home and property.  Many insurance providers offer discounts for metal roof, so be sure to check with your Brenham insurance provider for specifics.

Environmentally Friendly as a Kicker
Unlike other roofing materials, steel roofs can be recycled completely, into new products.  Currently Arrowline Steel Shingles are comprised of 25% recycled material by volume.  The decrease in the use of new raw materials saves even more ecological strain.  Temperatures in Brenham, TX routinely soar above 100o F.  Steel shingles better reflect heat and sunlight than traditional shingle roofs.

Hail and Noise
traditional metal roof by a brenham roofing company

A big contention with homeowners, especially in the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas is hail damage to a metal roof.  Every year there is at least one minor hailstorm in each area.  More rural areas like Brenham have open spaces with nothing to deflect or absorb hailstone impact on the roof.  Fortunately, the same double embossed patterns that provide walkable strength also stand up against some of harshest of hailstorms.

Noise is also absorbed well with these shingles.  Research by the Acoustic Group found that the sound from a given metal roof is only 6DB louder than a traditional roof.  Arrowline shingles produce less noise than this; 2-5 DB.

Even with minimal maintenance, a metal roof properly installed by a Brenham roofing company will last a lifetime, even against fires and rust.  The Arrowline line of shingles even come with EDCO warranties against color fade and hail protection.

Schulte Roofing is a professional Brenham roofer with over 19 years of experience with metal roofs.  For more information about steel shingle roofs or metal roofing in Brenham, TX, contact Schulte Roofing, the “Home of the Bulletproof Roof® Guarantee”.




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  1. Howdy Jay. My daughter is in Sally’s class this year and I stmulbed across your website. I also live in Brenham and I am remodelling an old (1906) house at the intersection of Baylor and Mansfield. I brought in about 225 yards of compost and bed mix, much of it from Brian Herzog (on Prairie Lea). Brian uses washed sand in his bed mix so the mix does not harden. I learned that the hard way by buying bed mix from a different contractor that used regular (river) sand. After two years that soil has improved, but for the first year it was hard. I planted the raised beds in my back yard in watermellons last summer, but I had so many mellons that I couldn’t even give them away, so from now on I am planting mostly flowers. I also underestimated how big tomato and pepper plants get when they are planted in compost with drip irrigation. They need much more spacing and vertical support. Ditto for cosmos. My ornamental plan is to have larkspur and snapdragons early each spring, and when they die out from the heat, the zinnias and comos will come up, and all of those should reseed every year and maintain that annual cycle.

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