artisan color options by a bryan roofing company

The overall appearance of your home relies heavily on your type of roof, no matter the Bryan roofing company. Regardless of your reasons for changing the roof of your house, making the right choice with respect to roof color is no child’s play. However, it is complicated because you need something that will suit the outlook of your home as well as work in your environment. February this year came with the right solution in the form of Owen Corning. Their newly expanded Oakridge color palette is the reason for the flexibility currently afforded by many homeowners when it comes to choosing the right roof color. It came with a host of far more interesting and inspiring selections.

It was introduced in early February 2013. A harmonious combination of artistry and craftsmanship bound to emphasize the inner appearance of your residence is the most befitting description for the new assortment of artisan colors. It comprises of mainly five unique colors, each influenced heavily by the natural beauty in different parts of our country; and yes! You guessed it right; it is exclusively available in the Oakridge line!!! Twilight black, sand castle, aged cedar, flagstone and peppermill gray are the new flexible colors. It goes without saying that these are supplements to the wide-ranging Oakridge stock which was made up of; desert tan, estate gray, sierra gray, brownwood, Shasta white, teak, chateau green, driftwood and onyx black initially.

The newly introduced, laminated shingles ooze style in every aspect and saying they will give your home its much required stylish facelift is just another fact you will stumble upon. Versatility with other materials alongside colors for your home is made possible more often than not by the color of your roof. Popular colors are not the only thing featured with these shingles, durability and algae resistance of 10 years are the other properties they boast of. They pose a wind resistance of 110/130 MPH and a limited lifetime warranty which guarantees enjoyment of appropriate shelter for a long time. The American taxpayer can heave a sigh of relief because it meets the energy requirements with its white color energy star ratings.

bryan roofing company carries oakridge shingles

A good joint research between the Owens Corning roofing company and Asphalt team gave birth to development of such technology. A look at the historical color data trend alongside gathered data sampled from homeowners across the Brazos Valley and rest of the country pointed them in the right direction. The resulting color products are distinctly tailored to give a motivating mix of modeling, with an emphasis narrowed down to a given regional color preference. Picking the suitable color for your roof depends on a lot of things from the colors used in your surroundings to the interior appearance of residence and what not. If you are in the market for something that will bring out the features of your home then Owens Corning new line of colored shingles is what you need and you should ask a roofing company in Bryan, TX to provide you with actual samples that you can touch and feel.

bryan roofing company recommneds owens corning shingles for color variety

A professional opinion will go a long way in shaking off that shadow of doubt you have when it comes to specific color shades. For whatever samples your contractor hands you for sampling, visualize how they would look like on your roof. You don’t want to make a wrong choice since you will be stuck with it for as long as your roof lasts. A Bryan roofing company will help you make the right choice that you will be comfortable with.