Let No Rolling Moss Destroy Your Roof!

Moss has the power to attract the attention of the people who view it. It adds beauty to trees in parks, sidewalks and wooded areas. Indeed, moss definitely brings a quiet beauty to a spiritless and boring environment.


Growing Moss on a Roof

Any roof company Houston contractor will tell you that the signs of moss growing on any household roof could leave not quite the same pleasant feeling; its growth could lead to a big disaster if not rapidly addressed.

Shelby Buzzini, the owner of Summit Roof Cleaning, stated that moss was not a hazard but a pest that can cause damage to the roof and was even more detrimental to human habitats. She added that “Most people tend to ignore it and just let it go, and then it’s too late. Then it’s taken over their entire roof.”

Moss loves shady areas including houses that are situated anywhere there is an abundance of moisture; especially cool moisture as in various locations across the country or even in hotter climates near bodies of water and wherever there are many trees that shade the roof. In areas such as this, moss has grown so heavily on the roofs that even a roof company Houston contractor would have a hard time finding out if there is a serious roof problem developing underneath.

The invasion of moss on a roof can lead to leaks and if neglected, will result in the premature failure of the roofing materials. If the roof begins to leak, it can cause damage to the interior areas of the home possibly resulting in a more serious problem and compromising the safety of the family.

How to Solve this Kind of Problem

Dan Elsom, President of Elsom Roofing, Inc., says that the best way to remove moss is to use a pressure washer. First it must be determined the age of the roof and the thickness of the moss. Elsom suggested using a garden hose and broom as a safer way to remove moss on a roof.

According to Tom Silva, a general contractor and proud member of America’s Home Improvement team, to kill existing moss, one must create a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of bleach and water. Then the cleaning solution should be sprayed onto the roof using a garden sprayer.

Tim Carter, a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist of Ask the Builder said to easily remove moss, use a standard bristle scrub brush. Brush the moss down rather than up because doing it the wrong way could destroy the integrity of the roofing system.

Moss can become a serious roofing problem, according to roof company Houston contractors. It can shorten the serviceable life of roofing materials. Heavy moss will dampen roofing materials for an extended period of time and result in rotting and erosion of the underlayment of the roof and eventually lead to leaks and premature failure of the roofing materials. The removal of moss can be time-consuming and burdensome, so preventive maintenance is the key to no more worries about rolling moss destroying your roof!