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Roofing Regulation – A Must for the Consumer’s Welfare!

There needs to be increasing awareness of how crucial roofing regulations are in order to reduce the risks to Houston roof consumers who have spent years saving their money to invest in one particular project – roofing maintenance or replacement.

An incident occurred in Highlands, Colorado when Debra Kendle, an ordinary homeowner, invested $4,600 for a new roof and days after investing that money, the roofing company closed because of bankruptcy. Despite the fact that she was meticulous in choosing the best roofer in town, the fact could not be denied that she was robbed by the roofing contractor. Today, Debra Kendle is just one of the victims in this society who is asking for justice.

Rules and Regulations

In the roofing industry, there should be rules and regulations to govern commercial transactions. A proper regulatory environment should exist to promote harmony between consumers and the business sector.

There are many roofing regulations enacted to address consumer’s concerns. One example is ensuring the safety of workers and non-workers when performing roofing repairs or replacement since anything could happen on a Houston roof worksite. OSHA’s area director Kimberly Stille said that the primary cause of injury and death with the construction industry is falling. She further stipulated that employers should be responsible for knowing and identifying the hazards that exist at the worksite to ensure that workers are not exposed to such hazards. Federal standards were then created to prevent, if not eradicate, accidents in the workplace.

Concerns of the Houston Roof Consumer

Though this may sound very different from the concerns of the consumer, the point is that if there is no appropriate law to address this matter, all the payments and annoyances accompanying such incidents will be left in the hands of the consumers. More than likely, consumers will have to pay for the expenses of careless workers. The 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act states that employers should be responsible for providing a safe and healthy working environment for Houston roof employees. The obligation of ensuring this regulation should lie with the roofing company, not the consumer.

Systems of rules and guidelines were made to put limitations on every action. Likewise, roofing regulations were put into writing by local, state and federal governments to ascertain that employers, homeowners and workers be safe from any foreseeable crisis that could be encountered in the future.