Roof Damage by Animals

college station roofing companies repair animal damage

Among the many sources of roof damage, most naturally occurring is damage done by animals.  It may seem like a stretch at first to say that a squirrel could cause any significant damage to a roofing system.  However, it’s not necessarily the direct damage done by the squirrel or any other kind of animal, but the damage that results from normal rainfall, common roof leaks.

Damaged Ventilation Pipes

Primarily the outside components of a roofing system are the items that are damaged.  They are usually damaged in the animals attempt to enter the home for shelter.  The animal could cause further damage inside the roofing system if left long enough.

Ventilation pipes on roofs may have a protective boot, made of a soft metal composite that surrounds the pipe.  The boot covers the pipe so that water cannot enter the home.  Animals will chew on the pipe causing small punctures and holes in the pipe boot, resulting in water leaks, water damage, and water stains.

Rodents in many cases will even go inside the ventilation pipe and chew through the pipe itself and gain entry to the attic.

Damaged Roof Ridge Caps

The roof ridge cap is the very top of the roofing system.  It allows for warm air to travel vertically up through the through, venting to the outside.  Many ridge vents have rubber caps on their ends.  Animals like to chew on this soft point in order to enter the attic.  Once the animal has chewed through the rubber cap, they can drop directly into the attic.

Damaged Shingles

Some animals like raccoons will actually chew through the entire roofing system to gain access to the attic.  They can pry their way through the outer shingles and roof sheathing directly.  Whenever raccoons are removed from a home they often leave behind their young.  If that happens, the mother raccoon will return to the same place.  If the roof has since been repaired they will chew through again, in the same spot.  Roof damage caused by raccoons is very common in both urban and rural areas.

Long Term Issues

Animals like raccoons will attempt long term stay in your home and that can result in some expensive repairs.  Animals do not make doors when they enter your home and leave internal portions of the home open to the outside environment.  Roofing components like roof sheathing can be quickly compromised as it is not made to retain water.

Additionally, animals can cause a sour smell in the home from living and eating in tight spaces.  They also tend to leave behind droppings which are unsanitary and can cause sickness.

As loveable as animals are, they do not belong on or in your roof, but instead allowed to roam in nature or cared for by professionals.  Roofing systems are designed to provide maximal protection for your home and family.  If sensitive components are exposed to environmental factors, security and performance of the entire roofing system are both greatly diminished, resulting in more expensive repair costs.

Of all College Station roofing companies, Schulte Roofing is the only roofer that backs up roofing systems with the “Bulletproof Roof® Guarantee”.  If you find that animals have entered your home, contact your local pest control for proper removal.  If your roof has been damaged upon entry by the animal, call Schulte Roofing for a quick inspection and repair.