Summertime is the Right Time to Re-Coat Your Roof!

21A roof is the cover that protects a structure from the outdoor elements. It is a very important part of any building and thus requires regular maintenance. On a rainy day, one of the worst things to discover is that the roof is leaking. The source of the leak must be quickly found so some type of bucket or container can be placed in that area as a temporary measure; if there is more than one location where water is coming in, then the problem is even more serious. As soon as the rain stops, an inspection must be made to find the exact leaking location so that proper repairs can be made. If the services of a repair specialist are needed, it is imperative that an inspection of the roof be done as quickly as possible to avoid any further damage

Repair Timing

In order to avoid such a situation, the best time to inspect a roof for signs of damage is in the early spring. If an inspection shows it needs to be re-coated, then summer is the perfect time for the job. This is the time of the year when there is much less chance of large amounts of rainfall and temperatures are much warmer. Imagine trying to re-coat the roof while rain or snow is falling. Besides being a much more difficult task to accomplish, the results would not be of the best quality either.


Since contractors are usually busiest during the summer, it is best to start planning for such a project in the spring. A roofer will have more time to do a thorough inspection of the entire structure. There is also a better likelihood that advice can be offered about the type of seal coating that is most suitable, along with any other suggestions regarding repairs or upgrades that may be needed to ensure a proper job outcome.

There are some seal coatings that can be applied under rainy conditions; however, this is generally only done in circumstances where a roof has been seriously damaged and requires immediate attention. It is always best for such a job to be done when it is dry whenever possible. Obviously in an off-season situation, the cost will be greater if the job is done during the winter or in the rain. The sealant used then will also tend to be more expensive.


The coating on a roof needs to be applied properly and then allowed to set and thoroughly dry; there is otherwise the chance of continuing leaks as well as other types of damage. The amount of time to complete the job along with the proper amount of time for the coating to dry must be considered. The larger the roof, the more time will be required to properly complete the task.

Summertime is always considered as the best recommended time to re-coat a roof because of warmer temperatures and a generally dryer climate. Besides being easier to accomplish, it is also cheaper and less problematic. The quality of workmanship and final outcome will be much better, too!

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