Roof Protection Advancements Can Save Your Roof!

A roof can be constructed from various components such as fiber, clay, metal, wood, stone, and ceramic to name a few; choice can be based on personal tastes and preferences. It is also important to be aware of the various protective layers available that can provide strength, durability10, and advanced lifetime protection. Recently, new protective coatings have been introduced and understanding the importance of this feature is essential in order to obtain a maximum advantage. These coatings can prolong the serviceable life of a building; so it is often best to seek the help of professionals for proper application.

Following is some information about the development of new materials for the protective layers of a roof that have energy-saving, efficiency, and sustainability capabilities.


A new innovation in the roofing industry is various roofing coatings that deliver great energy savings and extend the service life of the entire roofing system. It is an economical and effective means to provide better energy efficiency and improved sustainability. Additional benefits for a roof include: reflectivity; substrate protection; increased curb appeal; noise-proofing; and improved impact and fire-resistance.

Many products are available; however, not all provide the same benefits. When selecting the best coating for a roof, it is important to consider performance in terms of reflectivity, aesthetic needs, ultraviolet resistance, and water-proofing. In order to function accurately, adhesion properties, elongation capabilities, and tensile strength should also be carefully weighed. In addition, it is also critical to consider the type of materials used on the roof, the degree of inclination, and standing water that may stagnate on the system after rainfall. All of this can impact the overall performance of any protective coatings.


Various coatings have been designed to adapt to diverse materials. The most common categories include white, tinted, elastomeric, metal, aluminum, polymer-modified acrylic elastomers, polyureas, ceramic and urethanes. Each of these has different properties, costs, performance, and features. Therefore, it is important to give careful consideration of the right type to use before making a decision. It is critical to consult with a professional contractor who knows which type is best suited to each roofing material and what surface preparation must be done prior to application. Likewise, the existing structure must be checked for cracks, blisters, and other inadequacies before the start of any project.

Resisting Stress

The durability of a coating can be characterized by how well it defies weather and harmful ultraviolet rays. Generally, a product is formulated location-based as a type that is suitable for one area that will not work in other areas, especially any areas closer to the equator.

There have been many advances in roofing products over the past few years in environmental sustainability and energy-savings advanced roof coatings with a wide range of choice. If unfamiliar with this product, seek a professional to assess the project and recommend the appropriate product, surface preparation, and application requirements to restore and prolong the service life of a roof!

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