Knowing About Roof Repairs Will Protect Your Home!

Roof Repair JobChoosing a professional Houston roofer company to repair a damaged roof can be an intimidating task. Homeowners must try to find a company that can be trusted, is reputable and does the job well. Searching for the right contractor should not be a difficult job if the homeowner knows what important points to consider.

A perceptive homeowner should know how to draw a dividing line between a reputable roofing contractor who is able to perform the job with excellent workmanship and a less desirable one. Choosing the right roofing company is as important as repairing the roof. A homeowner should not only possess knowledge on how to pick the right contractor but also how minor leaks and roof damage are repaired.

Leak Assessment

Most roofing leaks are caused by initially minor problems. Leaks that are due to torn shingles or holes in the flashing are not difficult to repair by using a do-it-yourself method for the cost-conscious homeowner. If a homeowner either cannot or does not want to repair the damage themself, then it is time to seek the help of a reliable roofing company.

Degrees of Damage

One thing that may assist in the determination process is to have some knowledge about which type of damage is more likely to require extensive repairs than the other. In the case of shingled housing, it will fall into two types of damage: torn or completely damaged shingles

  • Torn Shingles – If the cause of the leak appears to be a damaged shingle, a homeowner can purchase a tube of roofing cement and some aluminum flashing at any home improvement center. The measurement of the new flashing should be 1 inch wider than the damaged tab and 4 inches longer, so that 2 inches can be inserted on both sides. A flat pry bar can be used to loosen the torn shingle tab as well as the adjacent tabs. After the removal of the damaged shingle, apply about two or three thick beads of roofing cement under the shingle tab and press it back into place.
  • Completely Damaged Shingles – In a case where the shingle is completely damaged, it must be replaced. A chisel and hammer can be used to first remove the old nails that hold the damaged shingle and then remove that shingle. Cut the new shingle using a utility knife and match the size to the space. Tap the new shingle in place and drive 2 galvanized roofing nails, gauge 11 or 12, perpendicular to the roofing surface. Roofing cement should then be applied as per the first example.

Asphalt shingles are one of the most commonly used types of roofing materials. Damage to multiple shingles can be devastating but damage to one shingle can be fixed using one of several different innovative ways. This is often the most effective way to resolve larger problems from occurring in the future. Repairing a damaged or torn shingle can frequently be done by a homeowner to avoid costly and expensive repairs. If the damage is more extensive, then call a professional Houston roofer company to get further important roof repair information. Hopefully this information will help a homeowner know a little bit about roof repair to help get that roof back to protecting the rest of the home!