Homeowners – Don’t Count out Metal for Your Roof!


Some of the misconceptions that many homeowners may have about ”tin” roofs is that they are noisy, visually unappealing and heat absorbent. They do not realize that metal roofs possess many advantages and somewhat unknown benefits. The roofer Houston contractors know that metal roofs may not be the least expensive roofing material; however, it often becomes the least expensive over the years because it does not have to be replaced as often as asphalt shingles – it looks more attractive as well. The following are a few great insights for all homeowners to know about metal roofs:

Metal Roofing – Material

It is simply not true that all metal roofs are made out of tin. They are tailor-made from a variety of metals such as galvanized steel, aluminum and copper. Galvanized metals are fabricated from alloyed steel and coated with zinc to make them rust-resistant. Aluminum is engineered to withstand corrosion and reflect ultraviolet rays to make the house cooler in the peak of summer. Copper is the longest-lasting of all metal roofing materials, although this material is very expensive.

Metal Roofing – Choices

Each homeowner has different opinions when it comes to what type of roofing material they want to use on their roof. Some may prefer one that is extremely durable while other homeowners may feel strongly about the style and color of the materials used for their roof. With all of the choices that are available on the market today, many homeowners may have difficulty making a choice about what they really want on the top of their homes. A very important thing to note about metal roofing material is that they really bring many important aspects together – durability, curb appeal and eventual financial savings. So homeowners should definitely consider metal roofing when looking at a new roof.

Metal Roofing – Advantages

There are many advantages when choosing this type of roofing material. Some of these advantages include: rot and fire-resistant; lightweight in comparison to asphalt shingles; quick and easy to install; increased solar reflectance; versatility; and low upkeep cost. Additionally, metal roofing materials come in many different styles, colors and designs to match the roofs in each surrounding neighborhood. It is also noise-resistant when installed with a solid sheathing and insulation as well as energy-efficient.

Metal Roofing – Cost

The one drawback of choosing metal roofing for a home is the initial price. These types of roofs are expensive in terms of up-front cost. It is a viable option if the homeowner plans to stay in their home for a long time as there is a high return on investment and increased savings due to a lower need for repairs and maintenance.

If a homeowner is searching for roofing material and plans to stay in their home for an extended period of time, then metal roofing material is an excellent option. If unsure as to whether or not metal is a good choice for their roof, consider consulting with a roofer Houston contractor for an opinion. No matter what a homeowner may be considering for their rooftop material, it is important to validly consider metal roofs as they have more hidden benefits than one may think!