Save Money – Fix That Leaky Roof Now!

A Low Slope Roof by Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofing CompanyDon’t underestimate the potential power of a leaky roof. The existence of water can cause damage to chimneys or even cause a roof to collapse. The roof is the highest part of a building. During the rainy or winter season, water can penetrate the roofing material and leak into the roof. Eventually, it can be the cause of damage to other parts of the building. The solution is pretty obvious: repair that leak! How can this be accomplished – what steps would a Houston roofing repair company use?

Find the Pesky Leak

The first step in solving a leaking roof problem is to locate and determine the extent of the difficulty. When searching for the location of water leakage, the preferred method is to go on the roof and methodically search each foot of the roof. Binoculars can also be used if it is too difficult to conduct a physical inspection. It is important either way to check for areas with tiny cracks, tears, and any further imperfections. Then mark the identified spot with a marker or a heavy object.

Inspect vents, chimneys and flashing for any gaps and broken cement seals. Be sure to also examine the attic or area directly under the roof using a flashlight and look for water stains. If any are found, continue the search to find the area causing the damage.

Repairing the Leak

After identifying the location and the source of water leakage, it is time to make any necessary repairs to prevent further water damage.

Begin the process by fixing leaks that originate from chimneys, vents or flashing. Remove the roofing fixtures by unscrewing them and removing any cement or tar. Use a metal brush to scrape off all dirt and dust. If there is water present, use a dry cloth to soak up the water. Replace the detached roofing fixture and cement any gaps or cracks by a few inches.

If blisters, bubbles or wrapping are noted on the roof sheathing, remove the flaps on the affected area and applying roofing cement under it. Then return the flaps, put on the roofing cement and flatten it thoroughly. Another layer of fabric can also be added and then finish that portion of the repairs with roofing cement.

The next step is to repair any leaking shingles. This can be done by flaking off the edge of the shingle, removing rusty nails and replacing them with new galvanized roofing nails. Apply roofing cement on top of the nails and the source of the leakage and put the shingle back in place.

Costs for Houston Roofing Repair

The typical cost to DIY a roof leak is between $100 – $350 for the parts mentioned above, primarily the roofing cement glue. Any parts needing to be replaced would add to that figure. When the damage is relatively minor, especially just a loose roofing shingle or other fixture, it is very possible to do the job yourself. Anything more extensive should involve the services of a professional Houston roofing repair contractor. Avoid higher repair costs or even replacing an entire roof by conducting semi-annual inspections of the roof – a little work now will save a lot of money in the future!