Practical and Durable Terra Cotta Roofing

Claylite Tile Roof by Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofer Terra cotta is one of the most elegant types of roofing. The bright rusty hue of earth tones can create a distinct appearance to a building. It has also been established as one of the most durable types of roofing systems available. Terra cotta roofing tiles can outlast more common roofing tiles such as asphalt and wood shingles.

Although the use of terra cotta has declined as a The Woodlands roofing first choice due to its high cost when compared to other roofing systems, there continue to be overlooked advantages to this type of roofing system. This article will look at some of those benefits.


Terra cotta roof panels are made from earth. Because of the unique material used for manufacturing these panels, this type of system has some very unique properties. Compared to leading roofing materials, terra cotta is no doubt the most environmentally friendly which gives it a very minimal if any negative impact on the environment from production to disposal.


Terra cotta is one of the toughest roofing materials available in the roofing market and many older Woodlands homes were constructed with this material. The average life span of a terra cotta roof is around 50 to 60 years. It lasts six times longer than the average roofing systems such as asphalt or wood panels. Despite the high initial cost, the long service life of this material by itself can justify the initial installation cost.


Another valuable property of clay is that it is non-flammable. These characteristics are important for a roofing material particularly when in hot, dry climates; when situated in close proximity to neighboring buildings; or when located in a wooded area. To reduce the risk of fires, any house or building should have fire retardant properties. Terra cotta roofing provides that durability as it is made from clay and very resistant to fire.

Extreme Temperature Protection

Because the roof is the part of the house that gets exposed to extreme temperatures, one of the characteristics that makes a good roof is its ability to keep the heat or the cold out. Terra cotta roofing has high insulation properties. The thick layer of clay panels can repel extreme heat during summer, and resist the cold temperatures during winter, which can help with your energy bill.


Terra cotta roofing panels are not just built for aesthetics but for practicality as well. This type of roofing system requires little to no maintenance. If leaves blow onto the roof, an occasional spray of water to get rid of the dead leaves is all that is needed for maintenance.