Storm-Damaged Roof Needs Emergency Roofing Repairs!

Repairing a leaky roof can be done during heavy rains, hurricane-like events, and hailstorms. Depending on the severity of the leak, aHarrison Farms of Bellville - Bellville Roofer - Schulte Roofing® homeowner can call for emergency Houston roofing repair contractors. If the roof has suffered damage from this kind of natural disaster, it requires immediate action.

Causes of Emergency Roofing Repairs

Rough weather conditions are usually the cause of emergency roofing repairs. One example is the hailstorm that happened in Oklahoma City which caused massive destruction to almost every house in the area. Severe damage could even cause the roof to collapse. Therefore, this calls for action to be taken quickly.

First Things to do if the Roof Leaks after a Major Hailstorm

In these emergency situations, the immediate focus should be getting tarps for the roof to prevent severe damage. This is only a temporary fix and will only last for approximately 30 days. Omni Pinnacle did this during their emergency response in Guam. Reinforced plastic waterproof material (blue tarps) was installed for temporary roof repairs.

Call an experienced Houston roofing repair contractor and call the insurance company. For the best outcome, it is essential to contact a local roofing contractor to prevent the leak from causing extensive damages. A homeowner can attempt do a quick fix themselves, but it is a very difficult DIY project and very risky. On the other hand, the insurance company should be more than willing to provide help as long as they are well informed of the cause of the damage to the roof. Most insurance companies will reimburse a homeowner for the cost of any temporary repairs that are done to prevent further damage from occurring to the contents of a home with roof damage from a covered loss. Just be sure to keep all receipts to present to the claims representative.

In times of severe weather conditions, it is essential to do everything possible to ensure that not only the house and property is protected, but also the occupants of the home who rely on the protection provided by the roofing system. Make sure they are protected by immediately seeking emergency Houston roofing repair help for their safety and well-being!