Zinc – A Multivitamin for Sustainable Roof Development!

Montgomery Roofer - Schulte RoofingThe importance of zinc to human life was recognized many years ago. It affects the proper functioning of various organ systems which includes immunity, growth, reproduction, gastrointestinal, brain development and many others. Realistically, zinc is one of the most important elements of mankind and it enhances normal bodily functions and boosts immunologic response for protection from common illnesses.

Zinc as a Building Material

Zinc is not only a metal element that can be taken to maintain a high level of human wellness. It is also used extensively in the construction industry, particularly in roofing systems. In the United Kingdom, using zinc as a building material is garnering public attention because of its environmental sustainability and award-winning appearance. Additionally, zinc has been extensively used in Europe for more than a century. It was also used by Montgomery roofer companies to re-cover the Duncan and McMurtry College dormitory buildings at Rice University.

Jonathan Lowry, technical marketing manager of Umicore Building Products USA Inc., said that “Zinc is similar to copper in that it lasts longer.” In the United States market, zinc has been reported to have been produced for about 170 years and has been an efficient and durable building product. Various data shows that zinc roofs have been recorded to last 50 to 100 years and more depending on the exposure to various weather conditions and the proper installation by a Houston roofer.

Benefits Derived from using Zinc as a Building Material

Using zinc as a roof covering is highly efficient in deflecting corrosion because of its normal ability to develop ‘patina’ which is a substance produced by oxidation which protects the element from weathering. This provides a natural protective layer to extend the serviceable life of zinc metal roofing. Furthermore, zinc has the ability to self-repair from accidental scratches and physical defects.

The building industry, including the Montgomery roofing companies, realizes the importance of zinc to understanding environmental sustainability. The sustainable property of zinc is essential to measure its impact and benefits to human life. Zinc is essential for the environment because it is natural, durable, recyclable, good for human health, and a good source of energy.

Umicore Building Products USA Inc., stated that zinc is a necessary and indispensable building product for a sustainable development designed to restore the ecological, economic and social well-being of future generations. Indeed, zinc is not only vital for a healthy immune system but also vital in achieving sustainable roof development!