5 Inspirational Design Ideas for Your Rooftop Terrace

Having a Schulte rooftop and terrace made of creekstone elements is just a wonderful place to sit and relax. However, to make it outstandingly inspirational and even more relaxing, you need to confirm to certain designs and trends which will make your rooftop terrace really stand out.

Here are top five inspiring design ideas that you really should try on your rooftop terrace:

1. Wooden Furniture with Wooden Terrace

Is your living space surrounded by lots of trees, a jungle vibe so to speak? Then it might be a smart choice to have your terrace designed with classic wooden fences and floors that complement the jungle-like environment.

You can also contrast the terrace with wooden furniture (dining chairs and a table) that complement the look and give it a minimalist appearance.How about supplementing the furniture with two candle lamps on top of your dining table? It would create a lush and romantic environment to enjoy your meals at night, won’t it?

2. Creekstone Floor Terrace with Round Sitting Area

If you are a person that appreciates the beauty and quality of creekstone elements then you’ll want to have a terrace filled with creekstone tiles on the floor. Add to that a nice and relaxing sitting area where you can have a fun and engaging time with friends and family.

A round sitting area is just perfect when you want to have deep conversations a guitar session with your friends, or a simple snack time with your loved ones. Either way, it is recommended to have a circular sofa set with a square table in the middle so that it contrasts well with with sofas and floor.

Roof Top Garden - Schulte Roofing in College Station, Texas

3. A Terrace in the Middle of a Busy City

Most of us usually live in a busy city and should by all means stay in touch with what’s hot and trendy when it comes to interior design. Well, if you are thinking of designing a terrace in a place filled with skyscrapers and technological view, how about an elegant glass fence covering the edges of the terrace, terracotta tiles for the floor and a glass round table with complementary chairs while a candlelight sits on top of the table? This kind of design suits city living seamlessly.

4. A Terrace to Meditate and Find Peace

We all want to have a place where we can meditate without a care and find some peace and quiet. What’s better than a terrace made of creekstone elements, antique statues of Buddha and a comfortable sitting area with lots of plants and flowers surrounding the terrace?

It’s also nice to have a bird feeder around so you can hear the birds humming and chirping (when they drop drop infor food or water), which in our opinion is the most ideal soundtrack for meditation.

5. Have a BBQ Get-Together on Your Terrace

You want a place where you can easily have mouthwatering barbeques without having to deal with the smoke. Is there a better place than your terrace? We think not.

An ideal terrace design that’s well-suited to a BBQ get-together would include a big dining table and plenty of chairs so that everyone can just relax and enjoy what you just cooked. Ceramic tiles are considered a good option for such places but you can add your own spice to the design like Creekstone floors and counters with a sink.

Depending on the area you live, these 5 inspirational ideas should come in handy when you are designing a Schulte Roofing rooftop terrace on your own. Don’t hesitate to optimize or modify the design by including a few ideas of your own because the terrace is yours and it should compliment your outlook and personality.