Why Roofing Experience Really Matters

We all have budgets and as life continues through a recession, finding the best deal becomes all the more important. Many times a home owner does not always realize the trade-offs they receive when trying to find the absolute lowest price. 99% of the time that trade-off is experience. Experience matters with any project, but with a roof, you will want experience to make sure your roof continues to do its job without fail, covering your belongings.

Apples vs. Oranges – Compare and Contrast the Right Things

Most of the time homeowners believe that all College Station roofing contractors offer the exact same level of service, products, and commitment to quality.  In actuality, the only thing that all roofers could ever match each other on is product.  Because roofing materials come from popular manufacturers like CertainTeed, all roofing contractors have the same opportunity to provide you with quality products.

However, there are several things you should also be comparing like the warranty terms, installation techniques, years in business, physical location, bonded insurance, and proper permits.

Installation Techniques Are a Big Deal

As you already known, all roofing contractors can provide the same materials.  However, each manufacturer has special installation procedures and requirements to ensure the warranty they provide remain intact.  Inexperienced roofers have a reputation of not following the installation procedures exactly to spec.  These issues culminate in a void warranty as soon as an issue as small as a leak is concerned.  Then it is left to the home owner to determine fault and to provide their own remedy.

Most home owners will opt to have an experienced roofer that will provide the same manufacturer warranty and also offer an additional labor warranty.  Warranty programs like the “Bulletproof Roof Guarantee ™” offer warranties that cover the product and installation, even if the roofing contractor goes out of business.

Experience and Reputation Go Hand in Hand

In the roofing industry, the only way for a College Station Roofing contractor to succeed for many years is to earn a reputation built off of quality and integrity.  Inexperienced roofers simply do not have this because they have not been in business long enough to claim this, even under “fluff” marketing rules.  A quick check to the BBB, local networks, or your chamber of commerce can help you determine who is who in the roofing industry.

Not all professional roofers win awards and that is perfectly normal.  However, 3rd party awards and community recognition show extreme dedication to the local community.  Experienced roofers will stop at nothing to make sure their reputation remains stellar due to a high quality of workmanship.

Experience When Things Go Wrong

No project goes smooth 100% of the time.  Often once the roofing materials have been uncovered, additional issues are presented.  These issues are not necessarily roofing issues either.  Things like settling foundations can cause nightmares for inexperienced roofers as they try to seal leaks and keep environment outside of your home.

Experienced College Station roofers have seen most of the advanced roofing issues and have already adopted a systematic process of handling these issues.  That means that in the event that a new issue arises during the roofing project, your experienced roofer will be able to handle that problem without increasing your cost or your budget.

Schulte Roofing is an experienced College Station roofing contractor with over 18 years in business.  Earning numerous awards and developing a strong community reputation is a byproduct of a simple business model built off of integrity and professionalism.  By using a professional roofer like Schulte Roofing, you total costs of your roofing system will be lower in the long run.