Hey College Station – It’s Time to Take a Look at Rooftop Solar Panels

As emissions standards in America continue to grow more strict by the day, the cost of electricity from coal will do nothing but increase. It’s easy to see that as this trend continues rooftop solar will soon be cheaper than coal. We all know that fancy light bulbs and importing more oil from overseas won’t be enough to fix our energy problems. If you’re already paying too much for your electric bill then it’s time to take matters into your own hands and start generating your home’s energy right on your roof.

Rooftop solar energy is a passive system.

It requires very little maintenance and time once it’s been installed. There are no moving parts that make noise, vibrate, or break. The panels that we install are all high-quality and durable, with excellent weather resistance. Schulte Roofing stands behind our solar power installations in the same way that we stand by our traditional roofs, with the best guarantee in the business. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your solar panels, one of our College Station roofing specialists will be available to discuss your concerns and fix your problems.

Solar Roofing example in College Station
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The Future of College Station Roofing Looks Bright

Sunny Brazos Valley is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the latest boom in residential solar energy. Because we receive so much bright sunlight, rooftop solar panels in our area produce much more energy than the rest of the country. Even in the winter time Texas receives more sunlight than 70% of the nation. We sit on the eastern edge of the “sun belt”, American’s up and coming solar energy powerhouse. That means your solar panels will reduce your electric bill further, and pay for themselves faster, than the national average. It only makes sense to take advantage of every resource available in order to reduce energy your costs.

Solar energy can do more than just reduce your costs, though. Combined with energy efficient appliances and a little bit of common sense, rooftop solar panels can actually make money every month. The electric grid needs as much power as it can get, with factories, schools, and office building using much more energy than any home. Your monthly surplus of energy can be sold back to the power company for a profit, turning your home into a moneymaking investment.

Unlike other green energies, solar power has a proven track record of success. Power companies in Arizona and New Mexico have installed large solar arrays to provide cheap electricity for their states and beyond. As this technology matures and gets smaller, homeowners can create and run similar rooftop solar arrays to offset their energy use and put money in their pockets. All that’s required is a small initial investment and a reliable installer.

Solar Panels in College Station Roofing
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A Local Solar Roofing Specialist in College Station

No other College Station roofing contractor can match Schulte Roofing when it comes to solar installations. Our roofing specialists receive weekly training in the latest techniques, including residential rooftop solar. The employees that we hire are certified by multiple industry associations, including the Technician’s Seal of Safety and Certainteed’s Select Roofer program. Schulte Roofing’s commitment to quality is the reason that we hold an A+ rating from the Brazos Valley Better Business Bureau and have been voted Brazos Valley’s Best Roofing Contractor by our customers for 5 years in a row.

Our commitment to quality starts from the top down, and at Schulte Roofing we set ourselves apart from the College Station roofing competition by standing with our customers. Our Bulletproof Roof Guarantee® is the best in the business, ensuring that you don’t get caught up in the blame game when it comes to faulty solar panels or roofing materials. If something we install is defective, we’ll fix it. If you’re not happy, we’ll talk about it. And if you need help with your new roof, we’ll help you.

So if you’re tired of high electric bills and want insurance against power outages, rooftop solar energy is worth taking a look at. Call Schulte Roofing today, and one of our roofing specialists will consult with you to find the rooftop solar energy system that meets your needs. Whether it’s a small system that will reduce your monthly costs, or something larger so that you can sell your power back to the electric company for a profit, our professionals will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions. Call 1-800-FOR-ROOF!


  1. How is electricity generated during a blackout or a storm? There’s no sunlight coming through.

    1. Typically, your roofer will install the collection system and an electrician will connect the power portion of the system. The electricians will connect your home on a battery circuit that is also wired to the local grid. Those batteries will store the excess power during storms. Its also important to note that there is collectible amounts of sunlight during storms. That energy will be collected and stored. In the coming years you will see collection systems that are able to collect power at night!

    1. It really depends on your requirements on size of house. By requirements I mean energy requirements. You will want to determine how much power you want to generate by looking at your current power bill. When you begin discussing options with your roofer, you will get several options based on efficiency. Once you know how efficient your system will be, you can calculate the square footage needed.

    1. Good question! Well in recent years solar roofing has undergone an industry wide price reduction. Newer technologies have both increased the efficiency of the collection system and reduced the price of materials. You can see this in the form of so many different types of solar roofing systems. For example, most homeowners think of a bulky setup when considering a solar roofing system. However, solar shingles provide just as good power generation. Homeowners are not only seeing lower prices (50% lower in some cases), they are electing for more integrated options like solar shingles.

      1. At 30 days you will see some issues. Just make them doenmcut them. At the 10 month mark you will have to do a final list. I mark all the blemmishes with the non-stick blue tape so I don’t forget were they are. Then at the 10 month mark I am holding them responsible for every thing. The cracks in the foundation as well as the drywall and the trim stuff. Hold them accountable!

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