What Is A Roofing Specialist?

At Schulte Roofing, a roofing specialist is more than a title that we give to our salespeople and installers. It’s more than a promotion, or a buzzword, or an advertising gimmick. Our roofing specialists are the cornerstone of our installation team, acting as a direct liaison from Schulte Roofing to our valued customers. They are available to make sure that our customer’s voice is being heard and coordinate with the installation team to ensure complete satisfaction. Schulte’s roofing specialists are just one more reason why we are the best College Station roofing contractor in the business.

No other College Station roofing contractor maintains such a high standard of quality for their employees. It’s because of this high standard that Schulte Roofing has been voted the best College Station roofing contractor for 5 years in a row, as well as receiving an A+ rating by the Brazos Valley Better Business Bureau. Our roofing specialists are one of the reasons why Schulte receives these awards, not just once or twice, but year after year.

Aaron Crawford - Roofing Specialist
Aaron Crawford – Roofing Specialist

Because they are the point of contact between Schulte Roofing and our customers, we expect a lot of our roofing specialists. They are held to very high expectations of reliability, professionalism, and knowledge. Not everyone has what it takes, but those that do are given weekly training and ongoing education to make sure that they continue to live up to Schulte Roofing’s expectations.

For instance, Schulte maintains a number of professional certifications, like the Technician’s Seal of Safety™. This certifies to our customers that the men working on your home are reliable, well-trained, and ready to work from the moment that they leave the truck. Our roofing specialists, under the Technician’s Seal of Safety, are certified to be drug-tested, professionally trained, and most importantly they receive weekly continuing education to ensure that they can bring the latest industry knowledge and techniques to the job site. This means that, even in the hardest jobs, they can ensure the high level of quality and reliability that Schulte Roofing is known for.

In addition to the Technician’s Seal of Safety, Schulte Roofing is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor™. Under the Preferred Contractor program, Schulte is able to work closely with the factory to ensure that the materials arrive as ordered, on time, every time. No other College Station roofing contractor maintains such close relationships up and down the supply chain, because no other College Station roofing contractor holds their installers and roofing specialists to the high standards necessary to qualify for the program.

And it’s not just relationships with the suppliers that hold Schulte Roofing apart from the competition. The high quality and continuing education of Schulte Roofing’s roofing specialists has earned them a place in Certainteed’s Silver Star Contractor™ program, along with their Select Shingle Roofer™ and Shingle Master™ program. Both of these programs are only available to reliable, professional contractors which meet multiple qualifications for quality of work and exceptional warranties. Only industry professionals carrying the proper licensing, with a history of good work, and top-notch ethics are allowed to participate.

Mike Schulte - Roofing Specialist
Mike Schulte – Roofing Specialist

At the end of the day, though, it’s not about awards and industry programs. The reason Schulte Roofing qualifies for these awards and programs is because of our commitment to doing the best job for our customers. It’s the reason we have the Bulletproof Roof™ Guarantee, to ensure that our customers receive the best treatment in the Brazos Valley. David Schulte founded Schulte Roofing over 20 years ago with the premise that he could take care of his customers better than the competition. At Schulte Roofing, we’re more than giving customers the cheapest price, we want to make sure that your next roofing project goes as smoothly as possible, from start to finish and even years down the road.

That’s the real reason that we go to such lengths to train our roofing specialists weekly in the latest techniques. We want them to be skilled, reliable, and competent when they show up at your doorstep. If our training means that Schulte Roofing qualifies for impressive industry programs and manufacturer benefits, then so much the better. Schulte Roofing goes the extra mile to make sure that, when it comes to your next College Station roofing project, you’ll hear from your friends and family just how satisfied they are with us.


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