Important Reasons to Use Roof Coatings!

Roof coatings can be classified into two groups: traditional material such as asphalt emulsions, asphalt cutbacks, and acrylics; and the more10 modern fluid-applied, stand-alone membranes. The major difference is the degree of permeability and how well each type protects the covered material. There are many important reasons to use these coatings, not least of which is all the protection provided to a structure. Professionals say that if correctly applied, protective measures such as these can save time and money on repairs while simultaneously increasing the value and life cycle of the property.

  • Protection – Applying coatings to a roof protects buildings against all natural elements and solar radiation. Humid air conditions, such as rain, snow and hail, have an eroding effect on all material that will persist in some areas throughout the year. This fact does not leave residents in drier climates safe from property damage. UV radiation from the sun has a detrimental effect on surface areas, causing wood to swell and become deformed, drying out paper-based materials, increasing the risk of fire outbreak, and generally having a detrimental effect on the entire building. These coatings help reflect the harmful rays, thereby protecting the materials underneath and contributing to a more even indoor temperature than can otherwise be provided.
  • Lower Cost – The major benefit of applying protective material to a roof is to increase the life cycle of a roof which can lower any costs for unexpected repairs and refurbishments over time. The reduced need for re-roofing also serves an entire community as less waste is generated as well as less fuel and energy being expended on hauling material to a work site or a junkyard. Professional contractors may not be needed for the minor repairs that protective coatings facilitate, meaning that labor costs can possibly be cut if repairs can be done as a DIY project. Reflective surfaces combined with fluid-applied, exposed systems can also be used to increase energy savings.


While coatings do offer many benefits, it is also important to realize the limitations of such applications. For example, it should not be considered an exclusive remedy for damaged roofs. All coating materials are more or less permeable, allowing for the passage of liquids and moisture to some extent; so this should only be used as a temporary solution for leaks. Supplemental materials, such as silicon and polyurethane, are needed to eliminate leaks and similar issues. More severe cases may require minor reconstructive work involving removing and replacing parts of the roof.

Roof coatings provide protection against adverse weather conditions and harmful radiation. By making use of such protective components, time and money can be saved both individually and community-wide that would otherwise be spent making repairs or major renovations. Roofing experts recommend installing roof coatings to reflect the rays of the sun and increase the overall lifespan of the covering structure. By proactively protecting buildings, residents can enjoy relatively low maintenance as well as fewer leaks, material deterioration, and moisture buildup over time!

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