5 Inspiring Copper Roofing Examples

Copper roofing has been around for hundreds of years. In recent years it is seeing a prominent comeback because of newly discovered energy efficiency properties, reduced maintenance needs, longer lifespan, and prevention of algae growth. Roofing styles vary widely around the world due to environmental, structural, cultural, and creative influences.

Copper roofing, like other metal roofing, can be completely custom to your design, architectural, and personal styles. Here is a collection of 5 inspiring copper roofing examples to get your imagination going.

University of Virginia – The Rotunda

Copper Roof - The Rotunda, University of Virginia
The Rotunda Copper roof has since been painted white. | Photo by Bob Mical, Flickr

The Rotunda is a historical building on the University of Virginia campus that was originally designed by Thomas Jefferson to represent the “authority of nature and power of reason”. Originally inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, construction began in 1822 and completed in 1826, after Jefferson’s death. The rotunda serves a historical reminder of Thomas Jefferson’s dedication to education and architecture. The copper roof rotunda was recently painted white for an updated look and repair.

Temppeliaukio Kirkko

Copper Spiral inside dome roof - Temppeliaukio Kirkko
Copper Spiral inside dome roof of Temppeliaukio Kirkko | Photo by Nadia Prigoda-Lee, Flickr

Temppeliaukio Church is located in Helsinki, Finland. The architectural structure of the Lutheran church was done in two major stages due to the interruption of World War II. Plans were originally started in the 1930’s by the winner of a design contest, J.S. Siren. After the end of the war a new competition was held in 1961 by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen. The new plans scaled the church back to 1/4 its current size. The interior of the dome roof is covered in a giant spiral of copper and serves as a premier acoustical and performance environment.

Berlin Cathedral Church

College Station roofer shows a copper patina roof on the Berlin Cathedral Church
Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church | Photo by Rob Deutscher, Flickr

Properly known as the Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church, the Berlin Cathedral Church is a featured historical architectural piece of the “Kaiserzeit” (German Empire). The current building was completed in 1905 and is a parish church of the congregation ,” Gemeinde der Oberpfarr – und Domkirche zu Berlin”. The copper roof has turned to a beautiful patina color due to natural oxidation.

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Wales Millennium Centre

College Station roofer shows Millennium Centre with copper, metal, slate, and wood roofing.
Millenium Centre with Colored Stainless Steel | Photo by Tony Hisgett, Flickr

The Wales Millennium Centre is a world famous arts centre located in Cardiff, Wales.  Completed in 2009, the centre serves as a major performance venue for opera, ballet, dance, comedy, and musicals. The centre was designed by Jonathan Adams who included multiple materials to create a truly unique look to the entire structure.

College Station roofer shows Millennium Centre with copper, metal, slate, and wood roofing.
Stainless steel, copper, wood, and slate roofing levels. | Photo by Tony Hisgett, Flickr

The roof used a colored stainless steel for a copper roof appearance without discoloration or fading. The project also used copper, wood, and slate on various roofing levels.

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Texas A&M University – The Academic Building

College Station roofer shows the copper patina roof on the Academic building at Texas A&M University
Copper Patina roof on the Academic Building on the Texas A&M University campus | Photo by Stuart Seeger, Flickr

Located in College Station, TX the academic building was completed in 1914 on Old Main, the site of the first building of the Texas A&M University campus. Aggie professor F.E. Giescecke designed the building with a prominent copper dome which is a patina green from oxidation. The academic building is one of the most popular and easily recognized buildings located in the heart of campus.

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