A Roof Repair Walkthrough in South College Station, TX

Over 90% of the leaks found in the roofing industry are due to workmanship error. Workmanship error can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in replacement, repair, and warranty fees. If a roofer does not follow manufacturer installation procedure and guidelines precisely, then the homeowner is left without a warranty and a roof that will leak.

In today’s blog post, our very own Aaron Crawford gets up on the roof at 509 Deacon in South College Station, TX. He walks us through the issue, cause of the leak, remedy, and how to avoid it in the future. All from the first person perspective so you can see what we see!

Video Transcription

You’re looking at Unit 509. What I discovered, the leak is actually the ridge vent in this case. The ridge vent nails were coming out. So I’ll show you what I did. I got up here and I sealed all of the nail heads, caulked the joints of the ridge vent, replaced a few nails, even sealed some loose shingles. Here’s what it looked like before. Just exposed nails, really short nails at that. There were some nails that were not even there anymore. I did discover a missing shingle on the back side of 509.

College Station Roofer Finds Exposed Nails
Exposed nails rust away, eroding materials & cause leaks.
College Station roofer seals loose shingle
Without being sealed this shingle would fly off the roof with the next storm.

And I covered it up with caulking but the reason why the shingles keep coming off over here at 509 and actually all of this complex is the shingles were nailed incorrectly. The shingles should have been nailed right here. There’s a little faint white line just below the tar line and that’s where you’re supposed to put the nails. All of the nails were nailed at least two inches above the actual nail line. It’s what we call a high nail pattern and I would certainly not recommend using whoever did this roof before because they obviously did not nail the shingles correctly. Just to prove the point I loosened a few shingles here by the ladder. I’ll show those next.

College Station roofer caulks and seals nail heads and joints.
Sealing nail heads prevents rust, erosion, and leaks.

Okay here I am back on my ladder. Just going to show the nails. You look in there. The nail is way up here. That nail should be right here. So this is going to make the shingles very weak against wind. Here’s another one. Way up here. Should be right here. It’s a high nail pattern. The roofer did not fasten these shingles correctly. Just wanted to point that out.

College Station roofer shows a high nail pattern.
High nail patterns make shingles susceptible to wind damage and leaks.